Your Current Stack and Why, Sept 2023

I am starting this thread to update my stack info and the reason behind it. Hope everyone also posts theirs as it is a constant tinkering process.
Rapamycin: 1m daily x 5 days per week (psoriasis), more energy, clarity (visual), and processing speed.
Metformin: 500mg just in case of rapamycin’s negative glucose effect. So far, no increase in the 3-month test.
Low Dose Naltrexone: 3mg (psoriasis), love it. Better sleep and much less psoriasis.
Colchicine: 0.5mg Insurance policy for ACVAD.
Taurine: 2g per new research. More energy and better sleep?
Creatine: 5g low-hanging fruit for better metabolic balance.
Rosuvastatin: 10mg but may reduce to 5mg as LDL is not high, should I? Also, statins increase nitric oxide synthase activity.
Telmisartan: 60mg for BP but Telmisartan Inhibits Nitric Oxide? Should I change into a different BP? I was on Losartan.
That’s all folks! @RapAdmin


Why did you switch from losartan to telmisartan?

“We also observed that among the ARBs tested, only telmisartan decreased p-eNOS-Ser1179 and NO levels and induced PP2Ac expression” (It’s also dose dependant)

Losartan is an alternative.

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I would keep rosuvastatin at 10mg and add ezetimibe as the latter has the same side effect profile as placebo and provides another 15-20% LDL reduction on top of rosuvastatin.
Taurine is more difficult but the newest studies predict that 3-6g a day would be the human dose equivalent to what those mice and monkeys received.
Colchicine should be cycled imo.
Replace metformin with acarbose as that combination proved superior to rapamycin and metformin.


How is this working for your psoriasis? How long have you been on this schedule?


I have started to document down different interventions that I use. I have updated this page above my biomarkers. I will keep adding more of my interventions there which I currently use but these was the ones I added this morning (before I read this post) :slight_smile:


Are people in general trying to reduce, increase or maintain the amount of supplements they take?


Interesting, as I thought he was one of the influencers that tended towards fewer supplements.

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so about 3 1/2 month on rapa, improved from 7/10 to 3/10; then LDN improved to 1/10? too soon to tell about LDN but so far it is great!

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What i am now doing is more complex than having a “stack”. I am using molecules that have short half lives eg citrate (30 mins) MB (4 hours) and planning the timing to shift my cellular metabolism for periods so i get optimum protein production. This varies during a day as well as between days. I record test results including my weekly bloods.


I have a staple of 5 or 6. The main concern is the purity of the supplements as the industry is not regulated and most vendors don’t even give you a street address. So I stick to a few that are really well-known, Thorne, Jarrow, and Pure Encapulation. I always take magnesium though.

Yes - generally @ConquerAging Mike Lustgarten is an anti-supplements and drugs, unless absolutely necessary or validated. He tells the story of how he used to use a ton of supplements but his biomarkers were not trending well despite all the supplements. So he dropped the supplements, moved more towards careful food / dietary approaches with lots of testing, and is doing well.


So then it’d be fantastic to know which he views are necessary and/or validated!

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True… @ConquerAging can you share if you take any vitamins / supplements at all these days? And if so, which ones?

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This is my goal. Zero supplements. I don’t actually expect to reach it but the goal pulls me in the right direction.

  • fewer chances for unlabeled chemicals
  • fewer chances for unintended chemical interactions
  • fewer chances to be wrong about the beneficial effects of a supraphysiologic dose of a chemical
  • less opportunity to develop addictive behaviors
  • save money
  • miss out on the chemical that would have made all the difference?

Methyl-B12, for homocysteine (1000 mcg)

2.1g of EPA+DHA, for the NAD experiment (PPARa activation–Increase NAD?). Sending blood for analysis today, so I’ll pause supplementation until I get the results back in about a week

Vitamin D for ~9months (non-summer), 1000 IU

L-thyroxine (137.5 mcg), for hypothyroidism


@ConquerAging Thank you for sharing. That’s actually a pretty minimalist stack. They are all excellent choices and I recommend those all as well.

Of course skipping the last one unless you have that specific need.


Age 44, 1.88m, 85 kg, 8% body fat

Rapamycine 1mg
Methformine 800mg
Acarbose 50mg
Empagliflozin 10mg

Urolithin A

Intermittent fasting combined with paleo diet, ice bath, cryo, infrared, sauna, gym and boxing 7 days/week, Wim Hof breathwork and meditation.

Currently doing stem cell treatment in UAE

Epigenetic age test coming up….


Sorry forgot aspirine 40 mg, lithium 5 mg, NAC 500 mg and Collagen peptide daily.


Michael is, my point is that in general people trend towards more supplements, while the other approach seem wiser. I will have to think about it more though.

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This is my stable list; some are powders that I measure by eye so volumes are approximate. I do have others that I don’t plan to replace (working down inventory):

Rapa 3mg x GFJ 1x/wk (7 days)
Metformin 500mg 4 of 7 days (around rapa)
Farxinga 10mg / day
Rosu 10mg EOD (avoid lifting days)
Eze 10mg/day
LDN 3mg/day (working up to 4.5mg; we’ll see)

Berberine 500mg/day (x2 on non-metformin days)
Melatonin 3-5mg/day
Taurine ~6-8 g/day
Glycine ~6-8 g/day
NAC ~3g 3x/wk
Ashwaganda ~5g/day
Wild Jujube extract ÂĽ teaspoon/day 
Fish oil 640mg omega 3/day 
Moringa ~1 teaspoon/day
Astaxanthin 12mg/day
Chlorella ~10g/day
Pantothenic Acid 500mg (experiment)
Nitrate / Nitrite ~1g/day
Theanine ~100mg/day
Niacin 500mg 3x/wk
Thorne Methyl Guard (B6,B12,TMG,Folate) Thorne dose

Exercise everyday, alternating resistance (to failure)/ cardio (mostly zone 1-2; occasional zone 4)
Whole food, plant based plus fish. Garlic, pepper, red pepper spices.
Minimal AGEs (no fried/grilled/baked/toasted)
2 meals/day (6am/6pm); one 24 hour no-food period each week after rapa (breakfast to breakfast)
Drink green tea until noon; 6 oz water with evening shake
Maintaining ~12-15% bodyfat; 6’2" 200 lbs