Success stories / ease of shipping rapamycin to countries in EU or Canada?

Yes the prescription was shipped with the parcel.


It’s looking like mobidoctor is a scam.

Well it worked for me, got a prescription.

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Why do you say that? Perhaps it all depends on the doctor that you get matched up with?

I never heard back from them after the conversation with the doctor. But I’m now in contact with the customer care. I’ll report back.

Update: I did hear back and get a prescription for some medicine even though they decided against rapamycin for now. So I’ll take back the comment that it might be as scam


Hi Dirk,

Do you have the name of a doctor I can request on Mobi. Just had a consultation and she was having none of it but agreed that some doctors on the site are prescribing it.Thanks

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Hi Rob,
Dr. Viktor Simunovic


Another option for EU people looking to get rapamycin:

This all sounds amazing, but if they can hack your crypto account, they can hack/fake anything.

Repackaged and fake tablets. Dealing with nebulous middlemen. India and China are notoriously corrupt black market countries.

Made in Ireland…yeah sure.

Not putting this reference in ANY disrepute. Trust but verify is the mantra. Have the product lab analyzed and/or for sure, do some Sirolimus blood tests.

Trust but verify is the mantra. Have the product lab analyzed and/or sure, do some Sirolimus blood tests.

Yeh, but the for most people in the EU or in Canada, getting the Sirolimus Blood test may be difficult and expensive, and having it lab analyzed is even more so (though I know you have a good lab in Toronto area) … I wouldn’t get too paranoid here.

Sirolimus is a generic medication generally, so if I was a scammer I would go for a class of drugs that is still on-patent, not lower margin generics or generic competitors like Rapamune. The financial incentive is not really there to try to fake it with sirolimus / rapamycin. I view this type of purchase of what seems to be a EU/Turkey market version of rapamycin as pretty low risk.

Chris, who posted the initial twitter photos, got the Rapamune medication from a friend and trusted source and pharmacies in Turkey, so I think he’s got a good product. And the product that the guy in Bulgaria will ship to you, seems to be the identical product that Chris got from his friend in Turkey. Given the market for rapamune in Europe (for transplants) is still very small, I really can’t see much rationale for people to go to all the trouble to fake the medication… and all the packaging, etc…

I am much more skeptical of white powders of unknown origin/lineage being imported from China than I am for packaged pharmaceutical products coming from known brands in India or Turkey.

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What did you say at your consultation Dirk? That you need rapamycin for longevity?

Yes i did say i need it for longevity.

How many mg, pills did you get? What is their price for refilling the prescription.

Failed to get a prescription for paramycin from mobidoctor. The doctor said to me that only transplant specialised doctors could issue a prescription for this medicine…

What was the name of the doctor you talked to?

I dont recall. Sorry.

Use the other option, eudoctor, as I talked with Dr. Viktor Simunovic on linkedin and he will issue a prescription.


Great, thanks for confirming.

Ah ok… so via EUdoctor I ask to talk to Dr. Viktor Simunovic and say I need it for Longevity. You have had success with this @Perkiness ? But, what serious and licensed pharmacy within EES would ship it to Sweden from that prescription (inside EES)? the price for Rapamycin in Sweden is high (compared to India). USD 3.66/mg

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See this thread also: New Option for Rapamycin Prescriptions in Europe / EU

and here: Krister Kauppi: My rapamycin journey notes - #3 by Krister_Kauppi

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I got a prescription with EUDoctor, it was super fast and easy.

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