UK Rapamycin Imports - Confiscated by customs? Risk of arrest?

Has anyone here had their Rapamycin confiscated by customs? If yes then what country do you live in?

I live in the UK. Is there any risk of me being arrested for importing Rapamycin or Naltrexone for personal use?

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We have lots of people here from the UK who are importing successfully from India - no issues. I’m not sure what happens if the confiscate the package. See these threads:

Here: How to import Rapamycin into the EU Countries? Your Experiences Please

A reference point on pricing in the UK: UK prices for Rapamycin with a private prescription

More info/experiences: Is anyone here in the UK taking rapamycin for longevity - if so how did you get it?

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Thank you, RapAdmin, very much indeed for your very informative reply?

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In the US every once in a while people get their packages confiscated - but you just lose the investment into the tablets. Best to keep your orders smaller rather than larger - at least in the US.
I’ve heard of people getting 600 tablet orders confiscated.

Here is a good thread on the importation process: Importing Rapamycin to Save Money (pt 2)


I don’t know if there is a risk of being arrested. I think I preferred to remain ignorant of that so I’m not worrying about it.
Anyway, I’ve bought three small packages from India so far and no problem receiving all three into UK. It doesn’t even look like they have been opened.
Just make sure you don’t have it sent by DHL unless you have a prescription - otherwise, EMS Speedpost does the job at their end and Royal Mail picks it up at our end.


Who would prosecute you? CBP? It would be a horrible case for them to run, since YOU didn’t send it. No US Attorney is touching that.

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In the United States I’ve never heard of anyone being prosecuted for importing generic pharmaceuticals that aren’t on the DEA scheduled.

Other countries though, I have no idea.