The Longevity Clinic Will See You Now—for $100,000 (WSJ)

No official count of longevity clinics exists, but estimates range from roughly 50 to 800 in the U.S., longevity researchers, doctors and analysts say.

Anyone have access to the actual story?



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The biggest problems with “longevity clinics” is that they usually even don’t prescribe Rapamycin - I had a visit in Longevity Center in Poland and although the doctor knew something about Rapamycin (not a lot - but he heard about Rapamycin which is better than 99% of doctors), he still didn’t want to prescribe it - the most he could do was prescribing Metformin and saying “eat a lot of antioxidant food” - he didn’t even hear about Acarbose studies for longevity - he only said “Metformin is better because it lowers glucose more”

They usually want to do something like Bryan Johnson - spend as much money as possible to do 1000 tests to measure everything in your body and do as many scans as possible - but without any science based medicine


11 Longevity Retreats Around the World to Explore Now

Longevity retreats, which differ from longevity clinics, have exploded in popularity with many destinations booked out until 2025 and beyond.

Yes, many guests want a relaxing and therapeutic experience, but there’s another reason for the high demand: education.

Whether it’s personalized nutrition, functional fitness, high tech therapies, or even epigenetic screening, longevity retreats offer their guests an amazing experience with valuable information that can be taken home.

Longevity retreats are also BIG business with many destinations charging eye-popping amounts for (potentially) life changing experiences. Despite these high price tags, demand seems to be outpacing supply.

With global demographics aging and more awareness on personal health, are these retreats a catalyst for the longevity industry? We think so, which is why the Spannr team is working on something now that we’ll be sharing later this year.

Until then, learn all about 11 amazing longevity retreats from around the world.

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If you think about this the science behind these clinics is variable in its reliability, but we have the regulatory system we had. If there was no regulatory system at all and it was purely caveat emptor I wonder what claims would be made.