RapaNewbie and his Weiner Dog -- Ready, Set, GO!

A friend with some terrific medical insights recently told me about rapamycin. Per his recommendation I started my 14 year-old dog Wally on a regimen. I am eager to share my experiences here with you all on this information rich forum!

Wally is a dachshund/beagle mix and weighs about 20 lbs. He is active and fairly healthy, but shows his age in a number of ways. For example, he has some joint inflammation, looser skin, graying hair, skin tags, lipomas, and so on. He also experiences reverse sneezing, irritated ears and declining vision. His feet have a yeasty Frito smell and require extra cleaning and care. He whines more than when he was younger. Every once in a while he experiences some leg or back pain that slows him down. In general, he is in good condition despite his advanced age, but absolutely has room for improvement.

I want to document his health journey and share his improvements from taking rapamycin. I took photos and videos of Wally before taking any rapamycin, and will continue to document as time goes on. First I’ll include some photos of his current appearance, and later I’ll add more photos when I begin to see changes.

I will administer one 2mg pill of sirolimus every 3-4 days. Wally easily took his first dose on 12/20/2022 with some kibble and a bit of peanut butter. He showed no adverse effects following the dose. That night he slept soundly, even a few hours more than normal.

The next day, I perceived a small difference in his aroma—less yeasty. I’m hoping this already signals a reduction in the microbial activity causing the smell. Within two days, his fur is softer to the touch.

A few months ago, Wally began to experience frequent reverse sneezing episodes after our house flooded during Hurricane Ian. I think the trigger must have been irritants in the air, specifically mold. In our clean, temporary lodging he snorts/sneezes less, but still more than before the exposure. Two days after his first dose of rapamycin, he woke up with a reverse sneezing episode but this time was different. The sneeze sounded wetter, like there was more mucus and moisture, despite being in a dryer environment.

Behavioral changes are subtle but present. For example, he shows signs of improved sense of smell. When I let him outside, I saw him throw his nose up in the air and sniff more than usual. He bounced up a small flight of stairs more easily than before taking his first dose. Wally has never been a dog who drools, but I noticed a small amount of dripping saliva as he came back into the house. In general, he seems calmer and less irritated.

I’m excited to see how rapamycin helps Wally. He has decent energy levels but is definitely not a puppy. My hope is to see improvements in his appearance as well as demeanor.

So far I have not noticed any negative side effects. I look forward to documenting his progress and posting it here.

Some personal background: my husband and I are in our late 30s and live in the Naples, Florida area. We are both healthy and active. We plan to begin our own rapamycin regimen soon, but first we decided to prioritize our senior pup.

Helpful recommendations and constructive criticisms are welcome! I’m grateful for this forum and all its valuable insights. Stay tuned for future updates


Welcome Tom! Have you enrolled Wally in the Dog aging project? I’m not sure what the parameters for it are, but I’m sure the data would be invaluable.

Good luck with yours and Wally’s Rapa journey!!


Just submitted info to the Dog Aging Project! Thank you Paul! :raised_hands:

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Welcome Tom - Matt Kaeberlein confirms that it is not a direct 7 years to one relationship, but overall it kinda works out. Wow! That makes your Wally 98 years. Ummm… he might just be the oldest guy on the site. Please correct me if I have neglected someone - even desertshores is just a a pup next to Wally’s age - couldn’t resist that. LOL

Definitely interested in seeing how your pooch does. Have been fascinated by the Rapalogue My Dog (12 years), Partner and Me.- waiting for the next installment.



Thank you Agetron! :blush:

Wally gets his second dose tonight with dessert! Will be sure to update with results of what I see :camera_flash:

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Thank you Mike666 for your point of view. I’m a newbie so your insight is appreciated! Where did you purchase the hand held cold laser? Any link to the product listing I could take a look? :eyes:

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Greetings Florida Tom,

I posted this previously, but I’m sharing our history with our PWD below:

We had a Portuguese Water Dog (PWD), age 11, that was dying of renal failure. The vet did blood tests and prescribed refined Milk Thistle. Told us that our dog likely had a month of life left. I researched Milk Thistle’s success for canine liver failure and found no valid research. Desperate I researched everything on the Internet and quickly discovered Rapamycin. The vet had never heard of it and it took me 10 days of finding research to convince her to prescribe it for our PWD. She asked me to select the dosage. I used the research on humans as my baseline. I dosed our dog with 4 mg every three days. In a week all her liver failure symptoms went away. We continued on that dosage until the dog was 13.5 years old. At that age, she had lived well past all her litter mates which had died between 8 and 12 years. Because of declining energy, I upped the frequency of the 4 mg to every other day. She was free of all renal failure symptoms at 15.5 years old when we put her down due to severe arthritis.

Have a great 2023,
Alan Hoshor


Very impressive Alan…
An extra 4.5 years… almost 30 in human years.

Well done.


Alan, thank you for sharing your experience! It’s very helpful to compare and I’m happy to see you too have had success with rapamycin. I will be uploading a post soon about Wally’s 3rd dose. I am still witnessing positive benefits and puppy-like energy when he is awake and active!


An extra “30 years” AFTER renal failure: that’s VERY impressive.


That’s SO awesome, Alan! How much did your dog weigh? I have a 35 lb.13.5-year-old golden doodle who started to slow down and was having problems walking every now and then. Her back legs would slip out. I started her on 2-3mg Rapa weekly, about 6 months ago, and she is back to doing zoomies!


Where did you get the Rapamycin for your dog?

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I share mine with my dog :slight_smile:


Patty, You can also source it from overseas. Look up the indiamart posts on this forum. :smile:


Patty… See this link Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies


Very cool, I have been using my Led light therapy for 1.5 years and my dog usually sings them at the same time!