RapaNewbie and his Weiner Dog -- 3rd Dose Update

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For an update after his second dose, check out this post

I’ll keep this post brief, because the details mostly remain the same as my description following his second dose. That said, take a look at the pictures of Wally that I took today — his appearance has improved and he simply looks younger than before taking rapamycin.

Wally, an aging 14 yo Dachshund Beagle mix, received his 3rd dose of 2mg Rapamycin on 12/27/2022. As usual, we served it to him after a meal with peanut butter.

He is still sleeping extremely well. He is less bothered throughout his sleep. One thing that indicates his sense of smell and hearing is improving is that before I would have to physically touch him to wake him from his slumber. However, things have changed. Now, I can verbally get him to wake up and he even sometimes will wake up when smells me enter the room.

His eyes are becoming clearer and his odor is less strong. He has had some lumps and bumps throughout his body and those are now softer and flatter. The large lump on his backside continues to soften. His ears are less stinky. His fur continues to be softer to the touch.

Today I took him to the prairie park to see how he reacted to the surroundings. I will post pictures below. He is more puppy like and way more tuned into his surroundings.

He will be receiving his 4th dose tomorrow after dinner. I have checked for negative side effects and so far there are no signs of anything alarming. I am so encouraged by what I am seeing that I decided to order rapamycin for both my husband and myself. See pics below of today’s adventure in the prairie.



Nice! I hope I look that perky and good at 98 years!! And, I just might with rapamycin. LOL

Glad you are getting some golden years back with your “companion dog” - as Matt K. calls them, or pet dog.

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what dose are you giving your dog?
I have been giving my 11year old terrier/pug/chihuahua 1 mg once a week. he weighs about 23 lbs. His eyes aren’t goopy anymore and his lumps don’t seem to be growing. He has also made peace with the cats


Agetron, it’s possible! You won’t know unless you try and you’re participating so it’s more likely than not! He has had a long heathy life and we want to maintain it and continually improve it for as long as possible :sparkles:

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Coop, thanks for your question about dosing. We are giving him 2mg after dinner with a fat (peanut butter). He gets his 2mg dessert once every 3-4 days.

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