RapaNewbie and his Wiener Dog -- 6th Dose Update

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Wally, 14 year old wiener dog mix, received his 6th dose of 2mg rapamycin on 01/11/23.

He is doing very well overall. He has had no reverse sneezes this week and he is itching less. He is still sleeping soundly but I do notice he wakes up in the middle of the night for a bowl of water, sometimes two! His eyes are still clearer and his smell is elevated. He is way more interested in my kitchen activities.

I sense that Wally is aware of feeling better. He pushes himself more. When he wants to go up the stairs, he doesn’t whine at the bottom anymore, he just does it!

His facial sore is still shrinking and so is the bump on his rear. The lumps and bumps around his body are still present but looser, flatter and smaller. The progress is slow but noticeable even just after 6 doses.

His fur is still super silky feeling. I haven’t noticed any significant changes in his nail growth yet but the inflammation around his nails is significantly less. He has also seen a dramatic reduction of inflammation around his “elbows” especially on his back paws. Wally will soon be receiving his 7th dose!

My spouse and I have decided we are also going to take rapamycin. We took a biological test before our initial dose. We are happy to join this journey with Wally! We will update you on the results in a few weeks when the tests come back!


Wally looks like a completely different dog since his 1st pictures before he started rapamycin.

Healthy, alert and engaged. Absolutely amazing.
You are next. Lol.


Yes! Wally is like a younger dog again! His body is not holding him back as much as before.

My own rapa journey has started!! I feel more focused especially when I exercise.


I plan to start my almost 12 year old border collie on rap in a week. He is very large by border collie standards so that size is counting against him no doubt and borders average 12. I finally found a good source for myself and promised to share with my buddy who needs it more than myself. I’ll post again after about a month. He is currently on puppy Naproxen and sometimes has a hard time getting up even though he is lean and always has been.