RapaNewbie and his Weiner Dog -- 4th & 5th Dose Update

Wally has been on rapamycin since 12/20/2022

For background information see this post

Previous updates: 2nd dose, 3rd dose

My 14 year old wiener dog mix Wally receives 2mg dose every 3-4 days. So far, his energy levels are up and his behavior is much more around where he was at 5-6 years ago.

So far he had not shown any negative side effects. After his most recent 5th dose on 01/04/23, Wally showed some irritation in his mouth after eating his food. He drank some water and soon after stopped showing signs of irritation. It’s a similar action with his teeth to when he has food stuck in his mouth and wants to dislodge it. At first I figured he had a piece of food in his teeth, but there wasn’t anything. There’s a chance he is sore in his mouth area due to rapamycin, so I’m going to wait an extra day to give him his next dose.

I’m monitoring his mouth and making sure it doesn’t irritate him more, or for a longer time.

Other than this blip, Wally is great! He looks happy and healthy. His energy and demeanor are reminiscent of when he was younger. Physically he is pushing himself in ways that he wasn’t before taking rapamycin. For example, little jumps onto short sofas, or briefly standing on hind legs to catch a glimpse of some food being prepared.


Certainly looks like a content pooch! Thanks for sharing this quick turn around success story - in less than a month - but in human time about 1/2 a year. If an old dog can gain benefit from rapamycin - why not an elderly person.

His eye is less blood shot and cataract looks less cloudy. Nose looks wetter now… a sign of doggie health. Pic before rapa from your post. Nice!

Definitely looks healthier.


Yes Agetron! He is definitely healthier! Thanks for posting the pics showing the comparison!! It really shows the progress he is making :smile:

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Tom, I just became aware of your posts today and have read all of them. It’s very encouraging to say the least. I am curious about what brand of rapamycin you are using?
Here’s a short article on rapamycin with an interesting video of a dog on rapamycin for 6 months: Forever Young? There's Officially An Anti-Aging Pill For Dogs


vegasallen1, Wally takes this:


Very cool link! Thanks for Sharing! :raised_hands:


Do you have any idea what the half life of rapamycin in dogs?

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