Peter Diamandis Longevity Protocol: Weekly 6mg Rapamycin + 100 mg Doxycycline

It looks like Peter is now taking Doxycycline with Rapamycin now. Has anyone else tried the Doxy? Is it to prevent infections or for some other benefit?

Rapamycin Protocol: 6 mg per week (one time per week, same time of day; 0.1 mg per kg of weight), plus 100 mg of doxycycline (taken at same time as Rapamycin). (Experimental IND Protocol)

NOTE: Rapamycin levels were built up from 2mg to 6mg over a four-week period. During this period, CBC, CMP, ferritin, ESR, CRP, fibrinogen, homocysteine, fasting insulin, HDL/Trig ratio was measured. In addition, InBody body composition (lean body mass and visceral fat now and every three to sixth months); blood pressure once a week just before dosing. Monitoring changes in Heart Rate Variability/Sleep Metrics, as well blood sugar and insulin control.

Supplements (Additional):
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Lion’s Mane
Vitamin D w/ K2
Seed/Probiotic (30 billion bacteria)
CoQ10 w/ PQQ
Xymogen (Methyl Protect)
Magnesium Threonate

Prescription Med

(Specific to me):
Armour Thyroid
Vascepa (EPA Fish Oil)
Metformin (1mg - 1.5mg ER)

Hormones & Injectables:
Testosterone injection: (40mg) 0.2 cc / 2 times per week (Wednesday & Sunday mornings)
Leqvio (Inclisiran): Injectable for Hypercholesteremia – Every three months.

This is his protocol: Dropbox - Peters Longevity Practices Fall 2022.pdf - Simplify your life

Peters Longevity Practices Fall 2022 sm.pdf (3.1 MB)


Doxycyclin senolytic?

Doxycycline has been shown to have some senolytic properties, meaning it may help clear senescent cells, which are cells that have stopped dividing and can contribute to aging and age-related diseases. Some studies have suggested that doxycycline can help to reduce the number of senescent cells in mice and may have potential as a treatment for age-related diseases. However, more research is needed to fully understand the effects of doxycycline on senescence and its potential as a senolytic treatment. As with any drug, it is important to discuss the potential benefits and risks with a healthcare provider before starting treatment.


I personally wouldn’t risk my gut bacteria, which I feed with home made Sauerkraut, joghurt, kombucha and fiber. These small passengers are important…


I take (Dasatinib 100 mg + Fisetin 2000 mg + Quercetin 1000 mg) every 15 days as a senolytic.
Plus ginger and Spermidine every day.


Minocycline is my antibiotic of choice.

Strickland BA, Bakhsheshian J, Emmanuel B, Amar A, Giannotta SL, Russin JJ, Mack W. Neuroprotective effect of minocycline against acute brain injury in clinical practice: A systematic review. J Clin Neurosci. 2021 Apr;86:50-57. doi: 10.1016/j.jocn.2021.01.005. Epub 2021 Jan 27. PMID: 33775346.

Full Paper:


For anyone new to Peter Diamandis:

It seems very premature to use it, (for me), but It has some history in longevity research:



Doxycycline (40 ) is a broad-spectrum antibiotic of tetracycline type, which can prolong the life span of nematodes and Drosophila melanogaster [182,183,184].

@Krister_Kauppi Peter Diamandis is someone you probably want to add to your longevity experts taking rapamycin.


Yes, I read about using Doxycycline weekly from Blagosklonny. I take it with my GP’s prescription and supervision. I take one 100mg of Doxy per week. Same weekly dose of Peter. For cleaning body of rogue bacteria and parasites… cancer prevention. Heck extends life of flies and worms.

Been on it since April 2022. With rapamycin modulation of the immune system… good to have on hand. Use extra when needed …I have used for several days with clogged eye duct glands when my dose of rapamycin was higher.

Peter also does TRT… twice a week. Interesting.




Doxocycline, broad-spectrum antibiotics of the tetracycline class, extends life span in C elegans [220] and Drosophila [221, 222]. Doxycycline suppresses tumor growth and metastasis in mice [223, 224]. Importantly, doxycycline is a component of an anti-metastatic combination, which includes doxycyclin, aspirin, lisin and mifepristone [225].


From rapalogs to anti-aging formula, Mikhail V. Blagosklonny



Gregory M Solis, Rozina Kardakaris, Elizabeth R Valentine, Liron Bar-Peled, Alice L Chen, Megan M Blewett, Mark A McCormick, James R Williamson, Brian Kennedy, Benjamin F Cravatt, Michael Petrascheck (2018) Translation attenuation by minocycline enhances longevity and proteostasis in old post-stress-responsive organisms eLife 7:e40314


I’ve been on doxy for the last 1.5 years to help with acne. I take 100mg daily with food. In my experience, it’s been very effective. I’m curious to dive into the potential longevity benefits and see which mechanisms it acts on.

Word of caution: if you take doxy on an empty stomach or immediately before lying down, you’ll probably get tremendous nausea. I cannot overstate how bad it feels (!) – you can’t focus on anything else for hours. When I take it with a meal or light snack, I’ve never had a problem.

Exciting to see that Diamandis is on rapa. How to Build a Spaceship is a phenomenal book outlining his quest to build the X-Prize. He’s a visionary who knows how to execute. He’d be a huge asset for the longevity community.


Its interesting… he does say “rapamycin + doxycycline” (Experimental IND Protocol).

That would seem to suggest that someone is trying to patent a combination rapamycin + doxycycline, perhaps the rationale is that if rapamycin provides any immune suppression it would be good to have an antibiotic at the same time? And, there seems to be some potential longevity benefit of doxycycline anyway?

What do others here think?

Other interesting information on things Diamandis uses - if you have any knowledge or thoughts on these, please post below.

A lot of things Peter Diamandis is promoting and using are products that his company(s) are providing, or that he or his partner’s are promoting. On youtube I see that Tony Robbins (partner of Peter Diamandis’ on a number of ventures I believe) is promoting OsteoStrong very heavily in videos. All the Diagnostics that Peter uses seem to be part of the $10K to $20K services his Fountain Life company provides… About | Fountain Life


Pricing on OseoStrong:

Pricing starts at $159/month plus a $99 sign up fee

A skeptic:

Katalyst Electronic Stimulation Suit

$2400 for the suit

One person’s review:


It’s kind of like the Rapamycin + Metformin or Rapamycin + Acarbose approach. Get the benefits of Rapamycin while treating the secondary effects with another longevity medicine that compliments Rapamycin. I have a feeling that Rapa + Acarbose will still be superior, but I hope I am wrong as I would like something even better!

Maybe it should be recommended to the ITP?


As an antibiotic, doesn’t it damage the gut microbiom and the mitochondria? So will we need another drug to treat secondary effects?


DrM, you present an antibiotic I had never heard of before. It looks very interesting. However, whether taking doxycycline or minocycline on a regular basis what comes to mind is the ability of parasites to gradually adapt to regular dosing with an antibiotic. Do you have any thoughts on this?


Minocycline is a very cheap medicine and useful in a variety of infections. It has shown some off label benefit in Multiple sclerosis and other conditions due to its ability to penetrate blood brain barrier… But it is a valid concern about superinfection and antibiotic resistance if used daily.


Thanks for sharing this interesting document! Curious question, in what place did he share this document? Twitter post or some other way? I would like to find the source :pray:

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I think it was sent out as part of his newsletter. I can’t find the newsletter though.


Ok, If you find the source please share it here :pray:

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I found the monohydrate version of Doxycycline causes much less GI upset.


Doxycycline is an interesting drug. Like a lot antibiotics, its effects don’t exclusively come from the direct action against bacteria. It also has significant effects on a number of inflammatory mediators like tumor necrosis factor and various interleukins.

Those anti-inflammatory actions explain why it is useful at doses below the minimum needed to inhibit bacterial growth. There’s a low dose version (20mg 2xday as Periostat or 40mg delayed release 1xday as Oracea) that was originally used for periodontal disease and was then found to help with rosacea, acne, and dry eye caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. This low dose has been shown not to affect the intestinal microbiome. Even the 50mg dose of doxy has some negative effects in that regard, so 40mg a day is right at the threshold.

There may also be some benefits for atherosclerosis/CVD. There’s not a ton of evidence on that front, but an interesting possibility.

Some selected articles of interest: