Rapamycin Information for Doctors - Wiki for User's to Add Information

We had a post a few days ago about the need to have a list of compelling research that people can direct/email their doctors to, so that their doctors can get a better understanding of the scientific and medical facts behind the interest in using rapamycin as a drug for treating aging.

The goal in this wiki is to provide on a single page the best, most compelling research and clinical information to help the traditional medical doctors learn, support (patients taking rapamycin) and hopefully adopt rapamycin in their practices.

Anyone can edit this wiki - but please, just add papers and relevant links, don’t delete other people’s contributions.

Rapamycin Overview:

Rapamycin is considered by many geroscience researchers to be the “gold standard” of anti-aging drugs; the lifespan improvement seen in animal trials are consistently the best of any drug (15% to 30%). It increases healthspan and lifespan in every organism its been tested in - from yeast, to flies to worms to mice (over a billion years of evolution). Its the compound with the most reproducible life extension effect, having been tested and retested by many different labs around the world in a wide variety of different species of organisms and animals. And, rapamycin is an FDA-approved drug that has been in use for over 20 years, by millions of people (in cancer and organ transplant treatment regimens).

Rapamycin Videos for Doctors:

Rapamycin Trials in Healthy Humans:

Rapamycin Longevity and Health Trials in Animals:

The Scientific Background and Theory Behind Why Rapamycin Helps Increase Healthspan and Lifespan

Publications by Blagosklonny:


This is a great start. I’d like to see addition articles on the scientific background because sometimes Blagosklonny’s articles can feel a little too hand-wavy in supporting hyperfunction theory. I respect his ideas, but different supportive viewpoints and styles would also be valuable.


My doctor portal allowed me 500 characters to describe the reason for my planned visit. This is what I wrote:

I would like to talk about the use of Rapamycin by well persons, not at the daily dose of transplant patients but at a 5mg/week level cited in Mannick, below. My understanding is that R. extends life-span and health-span in every animal tested.

Here are 3 resources:

  1. Dr Kaeberlein’s explanation in video: https://bit.ly/3DY10Oa

  2. Dr. Mannick’s 2014 paper: https://bit.ly/2BLOi6l

  3. Podcast on ITP research (44:45): https://bit.ly/3Tx3uZE