How to buy Rapamycin (Sirolimus)? What is the cost?

Hi Steffan, welcome to the site and thanks for posting your info.

So - I’m curious - how did you manage to convince your PCP for a prescription? And you even got it covered by insurance - wow, great news. How does your doctor classify it, given you probably don’t have cancer or an organ transplant which is the “normal” method of getting rapamycin?

I’m 71. I’ve been seeing the same primary care physician for 10+ years. He usually just prescribes whatever I ask for, though he would not give me a prescription for medical pot. On my formulary “Prior Authorization” is not required for Sirolimus. Since its an FDA-approved drug, physicians can prescribe it for off-label uses. He prescribed Metformin and I don’t have diabetes, same deal I think. I did switch Medicare Advantage plans during the last enrollment period, specifically because Sirolimus (and Testosterone Gel) were Tier 4 ($100 copay) on my previous plan, and they are both Tier 2 ($3 copay) on my Wellcare plan. My PCP knows I don’t abuse prescriptions and I do my research. He trusts me, plus he had studied it a bit himself. He did not give it to me on the first visit I asked for it. He probably then studied it more and the second time I asked, he prescribed it. Here’s my formulary:
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Anyone tried buying from College Pharmacy with a prescription?

College Pharmacy now sells rapamycin 5mg capsules for a little less than $6 each.

College Pharmacy

Ph: (800)888-9358 x137

Fax: (866)480-7483

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FWIW, today 06/18/2022 I purchased 24 2mg tablets, Dr D brand, with an online coupon for $110.33 at a Local ACME Pharmacy


Is there anyone else who lives in Hong Kong who would be willing to let me chip in on a shipment of Rapamycin from India or elsewhere? Please PM me if you are.

I am able to get a prescription, but the cost at the local pharmacy is about $10 USD/ 1 mg for Rappamune (Pfizer). Insurance won’t cover it though.

I just tried and said they won’t send to that seller.

They will if you transfer dollars to euros unless they have changed in the last few days. But, as I said it will cost more and take longer.
I just completed a transaction using Wise to Jagdish using dollars to euros. It will just cost more and take longer because Wise will use the Swift network to make the transfer.
You can make a direct transfer from your bank account to an Indian bank. Your bank will use the Swift network to make the transfer.

Someone here has said you can make a transfer using a Bank of America credit card. I haven’t tried that.

FYI I just bought 90 x 2 mg sirolimus at my local Calif pharmacy for $400 using the Singlecare RX discount card. Not the lowest price I’ve seen but pretty good and much better than Amazon.


Morlock, what size dose do you intend to take, how often and for how long? 10mg is bigger than the usual 1mg pill. If you are going to use a smaller dose how would you parcel it? Thank you in advance for your response.

I have some questions about buying from IndiaMart:

  1. Do they have any dispute resolution? Does the rating mean anything?

  2. Has anyone used Blue Crystal International? They have a 4.9 / 5 rating.

  3. Is SiroBoon by Kachhela a reputable brand?

Hi James, good questions. Let me try to respond, and also ask for feedback from some other members here who had problems in the past.

  1. Regarding dispute resolution and the rating on Indiamart, we had a few members here convey that they had been scammed by a vendor on Indiamart so we started a list of vendors that were trustworthy. @AlexKChen and @LeeJohn both seem to have been scammed by a vendor called Marksans, you can see the discussion here about what happened: Issues with Canagliflozin import?

I don’t know what ultimately happened with those shipments, but I think they lost their money and got no help from IndiaMart, but perhaps they can update us on that.

As a result of that, we created a new list of vendors that people were having success with, and we have that list here (so you can skip IndiaMart entirely, because after that we decided it was not so trustworthy as a system generally). See: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

  1. Never heard of Blue Crystal, and I wouldn’t rely on the rating system on IndiaMart.

  2. Siroboon/Kachhela is a new and very small company that seems to have been started just over 2 years ago. See discussion here: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity - #51 by Vlasko

The companies Zydus and Biocon are large multinational pharma companies based in India that sell all over the world and have $1 Billion+ US in sales each year. I personally would trust their quality control systems much more than a small company like Kachhela. You can see a discussion here about the suppliers: For Those Who Take Indian Generic Rapamycin, Which do you take?

We have lab test results on Zydus and Biocon products as you can see here. We don’t have any examples of lab test results on SiroBoon. See details here: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity

Here is a good place to start if you want to get a rapamycin prescription, or just want to buy rapamycin directly from online resellers: How to Get Rapamycin, Where to get a Prescription


I have been scammed by a vendor called Marksans, so now I only choose vendors from the list compiled by RapAdmin and members in the forum Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies, and never meet scammers again.

If their shops are relatively new (under 2 years), or their rating is low, you should be very cautious of it. The scammer I met (Marksans) has high rating 4 stars, but there are only 2 persons rating it, so its rating is not reliable. The most important is that their shops is very new, it only started for 6 months, so be careful of any new shops in IndiaMart.


But it sounds like IndiaMart themselves do nothing in the event you get scammed on their site?

Thanks for the informative reply!

Blue Crystal has 4.9 / 5 stars by 44 users, but they have only been around for 7 months.

I am afraid to buy from them after reading those stories.

I have bought before from Varun and had a good experience, but I am in Canada now and he said it is hard to clear customs here and he will not replace if it is intercepted.

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It would be a good idea to check with each of the vendors you are considering, and get their official response on whether they will replace shipments (re-do shipments) if they get stopped by Canada customs (or any customs agents). If you do this, please post it. Did “Blue Crystal” say they would replace?

Also, check out the past discussions on importing into Canada…
Here: Does anyone have success importing Rapamycin to Canada?
and Here: Success stories / ease of shipping rapamycin to countries in EU or Canada?

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Yes, Blue Crystal said they will replace it.

He also said they have 100% success with Canadian orders, and sent me screenshots from a messaging app which seem to show completed tracking from IndiaPost to a Canadian destination. Either it is real or he is making a strong effort at scamming, I can’t tell for sure.

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When I first started ordering I did a bunch of small orders ($50 to $100) to test out different resellers. Everyone delivered the products as promised. So, generally I think people deliver what they promise.

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I’ve used them for over 7 years for other meds and never once had any issues.

Both shipments of Rapamycin I placed through NIBA Health were received by me. I was skeptical of scammers at first as well and I had a lot of trouble working out how to deal with customs in Hong Kong. Eventually, I found a solution and everything worked out well. I can say that the vendor was the least of my problems and he helped me overcome my wariness.

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Inhousepharma is pricy, now i buy rapamune from BGPharma Bulgaria. I paid $390 for 100 pills including shipping. check