Buy Rapamycin from SPAIN (Europe)

I tried some weeks ago to buy Rapanycin from India.
The problem is that ithe packet was “Hold for customs inspection”
The customes didn´t contact me so just no more news about the packet.

I have order 1 gram of powder from China and It was cheaper. It arrived Ok. I am planing to buy a UV Spectrophotometer to check if it is rapamycin indeed. I will let you know the results.
Regards and thanks to share your stories. It is helping others.


Sticking with the branded Rapamune is still a safer choice. Regardless, it can be used in solutions for your skin and hair.

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My thoughts exactly!

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Yes - its very cheap. But the issue is you have no idea what it is, and equally important what else is in there beside rapamycin (other contaminants). Its not as big an issue if you’re making a topical cream for your skin as the rapamycin (when you use transcutol as a reagent with skin cream), but it is an issue if you are taking it orally.

See the lab tests people have had done on the India-purchased tablet rapamycin: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity

Also - there are major bioavailability issues with powder rapamycin. Even in special tablets only about 14% gets into your body.

I think you can buy Rapamune (the branded version of the drug from Pfizer) from other EU countries - like the other source mentioned here, BG pharma in Bulgaria. See here: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies - #603 by Leif-Erikson

Here is a link to the BG pharma site: No Prescription Needed for Rapamycin Purchase in Turkey - #12 by RapAdmin

Its more expensive - but it is a good product: Rapamycin and NanoCrystal Formulations

and some resources for you to read up on if you’re going to use the powder:

Here: Rapamycin enteric coating vs powder bioavailability

Here: I Do Not Recommend buying rapamycin powder from this Chinese seller (Zhejiang Multinpharma)

Here: Dissolve Rapamycin Powder in Oleic Acid (Olive Oil or Avocado Oil)?

Here: Dissolve Rapamycin Powder in Oleic Acid (Olive Oil or Avocado Oil)?

To test on whether its actually rapamycin: How to get a Rapamycin (sirolimus) Blood Level Test

another: Assaying Rapamycin pills



its a general problem for EU citizens to order pills from outside the EU. The costums will just burn it if there is no agreement about the product. It doesn’t matter if you have a prescription of if you try to buy it as a company. Its just a legal issue.

The only think I can imagine is:
If one can order rapa from within britain and ship it to you from north ireland, you will propably get it.

thanks for the idea.

I received the spectrophotometer I bought to check if the powder I had purchased was rapamycin or something else.
I bought powder from China, 1 gram. The truth is, it’s very cheap, but I thought it could be salt or something else.
I tried to buy the pills in India, and it was money wasted because Customs didn’t even bother to send it back to India. The budget in Europe for me, my wife, and the dogs seemed too high, so I decided to go with the powder.
This is the chart of what I obtained.
It seems to be rapa. The peak is exactrly on the same wave length it must be and the lateral lobules semm the same but there is a diference in the smaller peal in abut 210nm. I askdeed the person tha sold me the product and told me that “it is an Isomer”. Well It can be ok. I have marked on the graphn in green what seems to be ok and in red what is different.
Any way even though I think this is real Rapa, I will use reall pills and will use pink grapefruit with 1 or 2 mg of Rapa in orther to avoid problems. With this volume of Rapamune The budget is not that big.