Assaying Rapamycin pills

So I bought some Rapamycin from a lab supplier, and mixed it with 40% vodka to form a semi solution/suspension at 1mg/ml and mixed this well before placing it under my tongue for a few minutes, then eating a fried breakfast.

The next morning it’s effects hit me like a steam train, even from the first 1mg dose. I’ve done a lot of long water fasts - water and salt only for a week or two - and the waking early, good mental clarity and feeling of elivated cortisol common with these water fasts were all present. So for me it’s definitely inducing some aspects of being fasted.

I’ve cycled three weeks like this increasing by 1mg per week. Then some 1mg pills I ordered arrived so I started my fourth cycle by taking four of these pills with a high fat yoghurt. The next morning I’m not feeling the effects.

My thinking is that either the Rapamycin in the pills is harder to absorb than when in complex with alcohol or the pills have low or no Rapamycin in them or I’ve got used to its effects.

So my questions are:

  1. Does anyone know of a service that can assay Rapamycin pills?

  2. Does forming Rapamycin in a complex with ethanol make it more absorbable (I might try disolving the pills in vodka first then drinking to see if I can get a different effect from them).

  3. Does Rapa need to be stored refigerated? I used 40% vodka because it remains liquid in the freezer and sorted my Rapamycin there. It seems like a best practice, but I’ve not seen it stated explicitly anywhere.

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That doesn’t sound like my experience with rapamycin at all. I use pfizer rapamune from a trusted local source. The first 2mg made me feel weak and tired, the effects came quite quickly within 30 minutes and only lasted for a few hours. Each subsequent dose had less impact.

And most rapamycin preparations have a special coating to protect the rapamycin from stomach acid as most gets broken (2/3rd or something like that) down by stomach acid.

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I don’t think you want an Assay for this. I would assume the Rapa is all as advertised since it is your method that is unique. What you want is the labcorp blood test that will tell you the level of Rapa in your blood. Generally we take it a couple hours after ingestion for a peak, then a week or so later (I go 2 weeks between doses, have done 10 days) to make sure your trough is low enough to be safe. It isn’t safe to have a high trough (wish I could give you a number here, but single digits seems right to me). I’m a farmer, not a doctor.

You can call life extension customer support and ask about the blood test. That’s who I used. It was about $100/test.

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An interesting experiment. You’re the first one I think that I’ve seen who has mixed the rapamycin powder with alcohol.

We had a member do a lab analysis of their rapamycin from India - you can see the results here: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity
Unfortunately - that lab is no longer analyzing individual’s pills so is not an option. Most other labs are not so well versed with analyzing pharmaceuticals and possible contaminants.

You may want to do a blood test to see the impact on systemic levels of rapamycin - this would be the cheapest and easiest approach to see how each delivery approach varies in terms of bioavailability. Details here: How to get a Rapamycin (sirolimus) Blood Level Test

As far as storage - the rapamycin powder should be stored in very cold conditions, but the tablets are fine at room temperature. Sirolimus Powder - 3rd party analysis - #5 by RapAdmin