I Do Not Recommend buying rapamycin powder from this Chinese seller (Zhejiang Multinpharma)

I do not recommend this seller from China:



Zhejiang Multinpharma Co., Ltd
Tel: 0086-571-85081802
Skype: rainbow673614
Mobile: 0086-159-5817-3572 (WhatsApp) / +86 159 5817 3572

I purchased 10g for $200. I did the sirolimus dosage test 1 hour after taking 6mg with grapefruit seed oil, and it came back negative. When I mentioned the result to the seller, he recommended I buy higher quality rapamycin for $650.


I personally would never buy any powders directly from China unless you have easy and cheap access to a testing / analytical chemistry lab that can test for purity and contaminants. There are simple and cheap methods to procure rapamycin from large Indian Generic Pharma companies and while they may be imperfect, they are a lot less imperfect than the Chinese powder suppliers who you really know nothing about. Ideally, work with a doctor and get the prescription. Details here: How to Get Rapamycin, Where to get a Prescription

I go into depth on this issues and problems related to Chinese powder resellers in this post:


What is grapefruit seed oil? You need to be taking about 200mL of raw grapefruit JUICE at least 1 hr before taking your rapamycin to get a good shot at catching max AUC boost. There is also HUGE inter-person variability of response to the GFJ and rapamycin itself when taken orally.

Did you have it 3rd party tested?

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Yes, I remember.

And they are the ones who tried to sell me powder with an altered COA but forgot to alter the molecular weight.


Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, Mainland Chinese supplements (and food) should not be trusted. That’s common wisdom over here in Hong Kong.

Three food products were notoriously faked with detrimental effects - baby powder, eggs, and soy sauce. How cheap do you have to be to make soy sauce out of hair? Or eggs out of plastic? Or baby powder that causes ‘big-head’ baby syndrome?