Dissolve Rapamycin Powder in Oleic Acid (Olive Oil or Avocado Oil)?

For any experts out there, what do you think of dissolving rapamycin powder in either olive oil or avocado oil as a medium for ingestion. Rapamycin is soluble in oleic acid, but would it require extensive agitation in one of these oils to mix thoroughly? How stable would the mixture be for several months if refrigerated. Would the body easily absorb it in this manner? There may be more questions, but this could be an alternative to mixing with lactose powder. Any thoughts?

There is nothing complicated about mixing with lactose powder. Powders are mixed in the lab all the time and there are videos explaining the entire procedure if you need help. Took me 2 hours and will last me at least 3 years. Weigh mixture out every 1-2 weeks, and tip container into mouth. How hard is that? I read that Rapa can be kept in freezer and that is what I did. Then every 3-4 months measure out the powder stored in freezer into plastic container which I store in fridge. If you want better availability, and to save money use Grapefruit Juice and/or pulp. Your way in my mind is much more complicated. Good Luck

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I’d love to see an exact step by step instruction for doing this, to include ingredients and sources. Nice stuff.

Hi Jay, there are numerous good thoughts by Kerry Bell and others here on this topic. I just want to direct you do this warning on any powders from china. Chinese powders / supplements / chemicals / drugs are highly untrustworthy (some are good, but without good lab analysis its impossible to know which ones) - so I encourage people to be extremely skeptical of powdered forms of rapamycin from small Chinese companies and middlemen. (if you’re buying the powder from Pfizer, you are probably fine).

There are sources for rapamycin powder in the US, typically Lab supply companies, but I don’t know where that powder actually comes from - so something to be careful about, because again, you don’t know the contaminants and without a 3rd party lab analysis you really have no idea what’s in the powder.

I have used LC Labs (but you need a friend who works in a small company lab, or academic lab, who can purchase it for you):

But I only used this for topical cream formulation. Rapamycin in skin cream does not penetrate into the blood - so you don’t have to worry so much about contaminants.

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