Are low weekly doses like 1mg or 2mg, helping with longevity?

Hi im 27. From what I’ve read here everyone does at least 3 or 6mg weekly.
I may too do that eventually but due to current personally economical reasons It’s either low dose or no rapa at all for me.
That’s why I was wondering if such low doses help at all.

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Review the thread’s on this forum about a young person {less the 45] taking rapamycin/sirolomus for longevity.

It is not really a good idea if you are planning to have a family

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You could consider a 5 to 6 mg dose once a month. A 2 day fast once a month would also keep your mtor regulation in good shape. If I had it to do over, and I was your age, strength training and metabolic health would be my obsessions. So live sugar free and get your squat over 300 lbs.

I’m sure the conclusion was that the transplant patients that discontinued rapamycin had to use another drug to manage their condition and were able to fertilize their partner.

Thus after cessation of rapamycin, sperm works again.


We don’t know for sure. You may want to read this thread: The Case for Starting Rapamycin Earlier in Life (e.g. late 20s) vs middle age (e.g. 50s)

Generally, people here who are younger like you start with lower doses and that seems like a reasonable approach to me.

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you can always take it with grapefruit juice and your 2 mg becomes 6-10mg or do it bi weekly and 4mg becomes 12-20mg…
but also as @RapAdmin said it is quite reasonable to start with lower dose in your 20ies.


You could also buy your Rapamycin from India. It should be about $1-1.5 USD per mg that way.

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I’m 28 , was 27 19 days ago. I take around 4mg weekly sometimes every 10 days. I don’t always stick to weekly. I was taking much higher doses at one point, such as 7-10mg weekly, however I don’t do this anymore. I feel at our age we don’t need big doses, as we get older we can probably increase our dose, which is what I plan to do :slight_smile:

2mg might be fine especially at your age, you can also add grapefruit as mentioned above to save money.

Most people who take 4-6mg are in their 40s 50s etc. Only a very few of us are in our 20s so maybe even 4-6mg isn’t really needed for us. who knows.


hope u are not really wasting your money by doing oral retail rappamune. Anyone with any sense at all or who wants to save money orders the powder from china or india,and formulates a micelle solution good for injection. Even some of those afraid to inject can also formulateit as optimal for oral of which many articles on internet show exactly how to do it and substantially superior to the way it is done in the most common retail widely available rapammune or however it is spelled. The other agents needed to do that are common and cheap and can be purchased on ebay or amazon or supermarket and one does not have to do any complicated chemical proceedures - in fact one does not even have to heat it.

What indian brands of powder would you recommend?
Not gonna lie I am a bit afraid of injection but if it can save money then I might try it.

You said its also possible take the powder orally, is it as effective as injection or less effective?

This is very bad advice.


i don’t know about indian brands but i just read about it in a post by someone else who did not give particulars. i ordered mine from china = mesochem but i don’t for sure that they are working with the public but there are a few or many other vendors other than them. orally is less effective and you don’t take the powder straight in any case. u need to formulate it for oral or injection with other readily available chemicals which are not expensive. it’s all over the internet as to how to do it either oral or injection. and in either case always take it with at least 200 mg ketoconazole

Dan, we are all here doing our own thing and sharing information about our efforts. As a general rule we focus on the science and evidence for a given course of action and not just opinion. And we don’t tell anyone else what to do … we just share our experiences and our opinions about what is working for us.

If powder from china is working for you, thats fine. But the science and evidence around any powders from china - whether supplements or drugs, is very mixed. In my experience in dealing with chinese suppliers for business purposes you frequently don’t get what you order, the contaminants are in the product that you hadn’t anticipated, and the purity is not what you expect. You have to test every batch you get to validate that in fact you are getting what you think you’re getting. Its not like working with most businesses in north america or europe. I write up my experiences here: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies - #63 by RapAdmin

Your experiences may have been different - but unless you are testing every batch of powder with a good lab doing HPLC analysis and you understand chemistry well and what contaminants to look for, you are likely not getting what you think you are getting, even if its cheap.

People here have tested the tablet forms of generic rapamycin from India and gotten reasonably good results. You can see the lab test results here: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity

If you have similar types of lab tests for your powder from china, please share them. If you’re just offering your opinion without any evidence, thats not so helpful.

We try to be very measurement and evidence based here. Please provide evidence for what you are saying. This entire area of longevity drug use is still in its early days, and there are risks associated with what we are doing. Its important to acknowledge these risks, and many of us do but we also work to minimize the risk. Our goal here is a long healthy lifespan - and to take too many risks is probably counterproductive towards that goal.

We have many doctors, PHDs, and biochemists here on the forum - and they bring a great deal of knowledge and expertise that we value here because most of us are laymen and while we are enthusiastic we also know that we are not experts in the area. So we appreciate the experts in the field and their input. Its helpful to listen to them because they know more than us, and they are helping us reduce risk.

For example - this member is a biochemist and has a lot of valuable knowledge that I’ve found very helpful: How many are making their own solutions from powder? - #36 by O_o

Please, try to focus on the science here and try to provide evidence for any statement or claims you make. We also try to treat all people here with respect - we have forum guidelines here that I recommend you review: FAQ - Rapamycin Longevity News


You can’t take the powder orally as its not bioavailable - it just gets destroyed in your stomach.

There are many problems with buying raw rapamycin powder on the Internet - here are the ones that quickly come to mind:

  1. You probably aren’t getting exactly what you think you’re getting - it may be completely a different compound, or it may be lower quality / purity and with contaminants you don’t want in your body. So - you have to get an expert lab to test every batch - this is an expensive and complex process. You have to contract with an analytical chemistry lab to do it and they have to know what to look for (in terms of contaminants) and you have to provide a reference standard for the chemical for them to compare your sample against. See the lab test result linked to below for an example of the type of report that you’d like to get. Unfortunately Valisure no longer does customer-requested lab analysis.
    All of this is a complex and expensive process if you truly want to know what you are putting into your body - which is highly recommended if you want to live longer. If you aren’t a biochemist this probably isn’t the best route for you. The cost of the analysis on the powder can easily be $700 to $1500 per analysis - so you need to be buying a lot of powder to make this strategy worthwhile. If you aren’t testing the powder, you are completely flying blind - which dramatically increases your risk that bad things will happen to your body.

  2. The history of people not getting what they expect when they order products from china (nutritional supplements or powders) is well documented - so keep that in mind. See an example here: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies - #63 by RapAdmin

  3. Most people here are buying their generic rapamycin medicine from US-based pharmacies, or India-based pharmacies and some people have tested the India-sourced product and found no major issues. You can see the testing here: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity

  4. Injection of rapamycin has only been done by one person to the best of my knowledge, and is a largely unproven approach to rapamycin delivery to the body. Given that this approach has never gone through any FDA approval process, unless you are extremely knowledgeable in this area its not recommended. And of course - it would require you test the product prior to use as described in bullet point #1 above - as injecting some white powder into your body when you don’t know what it is and what purity it is, or what contaminants are in it - would be completely risky and likely a very bad idea. See details on the approach here: Intramuscular (IM) + Intranasal (IN) Rapamycin - A new paradigm for human longevity translation

  5. If you want to save money - the cost of buying generic rapamycin made by large billion dollar Indian pharmaceutical companies via Indian pharmacies is actually very cheap. Typical cost is around $1.00 to $1.25 per 1 mg tablet, so for most common dosing levels of say 5mg dosed once per week, its around $40 to $60 per month.


The lowest price I’m aware of from India is $0.41/mg for 1000 pills. (Siroboon, Kachhela Medex).


For what it’s worth… I’m 49 in good health and taking 2mg weekly with grapefruit. I definitely feel a bit different and more energized. It seems to last 3-4 days. I took my 4th dose this last weekend and it seemed less obvious than the first 3 doses. I plan to keep going like this for awhile, but with a 2 week break every two months. I do feel there is benefit for me and hopefully my bloodwork will corroborate that. Not in a hurry to increase dosage, but instead focusing more on diet/exercise.


ok if that price it is a lot cheaper than what i saw from say reliable or allday chemists in india, though now i think they no longer have it. Though i still think india gets it from china. the place i get it is $950/20grams. I am pretty sure it is good from the side effects are just as i have read and i get them pretty bad - eg mostly mouth sores and my blood tests show just what i have read is expected to happen - anemic ,etc.

Dan - you can see in this thread what people are paying, and reliable sources for the generic rapamycin tablets: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

If you want to stay alive longer, I would suggest you may want to buy from these sources rather than some random reseller in China: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

Yes - you are correct in that China as a country is where many of the pharmaceutical raw materials (APIs - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) come from, but that says nothing about the quality of the raw rapamycin powder you are buying. There are good suppliers in China and there are bad suppliers / Conmen in China… but unless you have a lot of experience and have done lab testing on the supplies coming from different vendors, its impossible to know what you are getting. I would no more trust some random vendor in China than any random street drug salesperson. You don’t want to risk your life to save a few dollars.

Perhaps your powder does have significant amounts of rapamycin in it, BUT you have no idea what contaminants are in the rapamycin powder you have purchased, and what you are doing is extremely reckless, and borderline suicidal.

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@dan_hayes you seem like you’re already a few cards short of a full deck . . . not sure if I’d be taking mail-order powder from China if I were you.

There is a LOT of very poor advice/science to go over here.

If you’re buying “retail” rapamune, you’re getting it from actual pharmaceutical manufacturers. These manufacturers will put preservatives, stabilizers, and other such vital ingredients to stabilize rapamycin, prolong its shelf-life, and increase its bioavailability.

Furthermore, they will also have the enteric coating which allows for bypassing of the gastric acids and dissolving in the small intestine. I’d say, if you can acquire retail rapamune or some other tablet form, your quality is assured. A direct pharmaceutical product will be leagues better than what anyone can possibly homebrew.

Oh dear…

For one, micelle solutions are very difficult to brew at home; you won’t be able to do it. And no, micelles are not just “soap,” at least not the ones used in pharmaceutical science. There is a very careful balance between forming micellar suspensions and inducing hemolysis in your veins.

Second, you need to ensure as sterile an environment as possible. This is indeed possible at home, but I wouldn’t recommend making your own rapamycin injections it since it’s completely uncharted territory. That’s just my usual disclaimer, though.

I hope you aren’t attempting micellar injections at home, but if you are, forget the micelles. They don’t do much to suspend rapamycin anyways. In the interest of harm reduction, you should refer to MAC’s thread regarding injections and specifically the guidelines I’ve laid out.

As a side note, micellar solutions are typical for IV injections, not IM or SC. Please do not attempt IV injections at home. If you’re going to inject, please just do IM or SC, as an IV injection can go really bad, really fast. Especially if you screw up the dose. Homebrewing tends to be very inaccurate if you don’t know what you’re doing, and I’ve seen plenty of cases of miscalculated doses leading to severe consequences.

Yes, you can make your own tablets. But no, you won’t ever reach the quality of a “retail” product. Again, you’d be attempting to recreate as a single individual something that billion-dollar companies do in their sleep. Their quality controls, testing, equipment, ingredients… all of it is hyper-space compared to what can be made at home.

Again, as others have mentioned in this thread, cheap chemicals can fuck you up.

Pharma can acquire high-quality, near-pure reagents and ingredients. We typically cannot. This is especially true for cheap chemicals, where the quality is almost assured to be bunk. For instance, many pharmaceutical chemicals can be contaminated by formaldehyde, especially ones from the shady Chinese or sketchy Indian sources.

But why formaldehyde? Well, it’s quite a useful chemical in organic chemistry, used typically as an alkylating agent.

So, buying pharmaceutical chemicals from dirt cheap sources might be detrimental to you in the long run. I value my health highly, and as such I’d rather pay good money for a high quality assurance rather than try to save a buck and end up poisoning myself. This is one area you do not want to cheap out on. You can try to save money here and there, but cheap things are cheap for a reason.

Yes, there are a lot of homebrewers out there. However, a LOT of them are doing it horribly wrong. Nonsterile injections, botched formulations, dosages that are “eyeballed” and lead to catatonia… yeah… I’ve seen a lot.

This is why I always recommend oral and not injectable. Oral is very hard to mess up. Best case scenario if you do, is you get the wrong dose and maybe an upset tummy. Worst case scenario is only achieved if you do something ridiculous like chugging a whole bottle of medicine.

For injections, however, it’s like tickling the dragon’s tail. Sure, you might be fine most of the time. But when things go wrong, they go wrong.