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Ah, that makes sense lol
When I enquired oddway about getting rapacan , they told me 14 dollars per pack of 10 for 20 packs or 12 dollars per pack of 10 if I ordered 30 packs

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My impression is that Oddway is an easier transaction and faster delivery. My order for Empagliflozin 10 mg from Kacchela Medex, for example, was slightly cheaper than what Oddway quoted, but it was more difficult to pay them. Delivery was 2 weeks.


Yeah more than likely, although I could just pay through PayPal through Welcome Healthcare and it should come in 2-3 weeks. Oddway told me they would arrived in 10 days.
I am only getting it for my dog, and he is 5 and I am 24 so I am in no rush to get them in a fast time period for an extra 100$ lol

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Just wanted to follow up and say that my Biocan Rapacan just shipped yesterday.
He told me for future reference that he does carry Zydus Sirolimus as well.

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I was given a very good price on Ca-AKG powder from Xi’an Biohorlden Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd. After a convincing correspondence with their rep and having received a thorough and impressive COA on their stationery showing high purity, I was ready to buy a kg for $120 plus shipping.

Fortunately, I decided to take one final closer look at the COA. Although the CAS number was correct for Ca-AKG, the chemical formula and molecular weight were wrong. They were for Calcium Acetate Lactate! The Certificate had obviously been partially altered.

Worse than losing some money on a useless product is that I would have lost the years of benefit I would have obtained from AKG

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When dealing with Chinese supplement, chemical, or drug suppliers, in my experience its been very important to verify / test everything, every time - and even then you should expect problems.

I’ve had situations where the sample they gave me (which I had lab tested) is different from the ultimate product they shipped (which I had lab tested again)… then they just stop responding to your emails and phone calls. Its not like you can call the Better Business Bureau and lodge a complaint. There are many conmen over there acting as middlemen and they know you have no legal recourse and can never get your money back… and they don’t care what harm they might be doing to people… its scary.

I believe that in the USA and Europe, etc. the legal systems help to deter the sociopaths in business. In China they don’t have a well-functioning legal system, especially with regard to exports of chemicals, drugs, supplements, etc., so the sociopaths have much more free reign… the conmen / middlemen just shut down their businesses when they get caught for doing anything really serious and start another one…

This report and video below really is a good example of this problem… and these test results below are from end user products being sold on Amazon. I suspect that the the probability of a contaminated or inaccurately labeled raw material product being sold in china by a middleman is much higher.

In the worst case - as in the Chinese Infant Formula scandal - people are actually dying. But with many contaminated supplements the causality link won’t be so clear. If you damage your kidneys from some contaminated supplement from China, how to you track it down and link it directly to one given product - its very hard. If you don’t have easy access to a good 3rd party chemical analysis lab that can test the purity and look for all the possible contaminants, I would avoid these products coming out of china.

Report on NMN supplement products: (this study only looked at the % NMN, not for any contaminants)
(and this doesn’t even touch the broader issue of whether NMN is at all effective in increasing healthspan or lifespan - as there is no good human data on that yet, and many opposing views).

Out of 22 NMN Brands tested:

  • 14% had at the level, or above, level of claimed NMN
  • 23% had between 89 and 99% of the claimed level of NMN
  • 64% had NMN had under the method detection or reporting limit, or under 1% of claimed NMN
  • 14% had no NMN



Quantitative Analysis of 22 NMN Brands - Lab Analysis / Quality Analysis

Video: 22 NMN Brands Independently Tested | SHOCKINGLY POOR RESULTS FOR MANY BRANDS


I used him for my first purchase. Reliable and no problems.

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So my rapamycin is coming in today, I was wondering how do you usually store the tablets you are not using? Is it just like any other medication? Or does it need to be stored in fridge or freezer to ensure the drug doesnt break down?

I don’t do anything special with it. A cool dry place is good… Pretty much any drawer.

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So my rapamycin came in from Welcome Healthcare, so you can just add another source saying that they got their rapamycin. It actually came way faster than expected. It shipped on 2/8 and I got it 2/22. It was suppose to be 21-25 business days.
Also in regards to starting with my dog
Should I wait and get blood work done with him before starting?

Also is it okay to start with 3mg/weekly or should I start at 1mg/weekly and work his way up to 3mg/weekly?
Is it better to give dose in morning or night? with or without meal?
Also I was contemplating after seeing the latest study on early life rapamycin extending health and lifespan, starting taking some rapamycin (1mg a week for now) for myself( I turn 25 in August), but should I wait until I get blood work done for myself or even consider doing this at this point?

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Not recommendations - but I’ll tell you what I did, and perhaps others can share what they did. I have not bothered to do blood work on my dog - she’s relatively young (4 years old) and I’m only giving her 2mg per week (she’s 24lbs or so). I started with 1mg/week, then after a few months bumped it up to 2mg/week. No side effects at all - she’s in great health. I generally give it in the morning, same time/schedule that I take it myself. I use cheese chunks/blocks that I use a knife to cut a small slit in - into which I put the tablet. My dog just gobbles these down with hardly a chew - so never any issues.

I like starting low and slowly phasing up the dose. No data behind this - it just seems to be the safest, lowest risk approach.

For personal use - I definitely like the idea of getting blood work done before starting so that I have a baseline to compare against (I wish I did this when I first started). The CBC and CRP tests from Life are cheap and easy to get in most metro areas (they use LabCorp offices for the blood draw). Then you can calculate your Levine phenotypic age as a baseline and see if it changes over time and dosing.

Sounds good, I will wait to do it for myself as I have a physical with blood work coming up at the beginning of next month. I will have to do a separate blood test for CRP though.
And my dog is 140lbs, male and 5 years old(turns 6 in October) at great health, so do you think 3mg/weekly is fine or should I go higher?

Also for keeping track of my blood work do you use a excel sheet like Dr Michael Lustgarten? Or do you have any other recommendations on what to use to keep a history of my blood work and results?

Only you know your dog… so I don’t make medication recommendations for other people or dogs. I just recommend you read up and make the decision you think is right for your dog - see the Rapamycin for Dogs Page.

Yes - I use the excel spreadsheet that Mike Lustgarten uses.

Sorry I should’ve clarified, I was thinking 3mg/weekly due to the recent podcast with matt kaeberlein on peter’s podcast, but wasnt sure if that dose would be effective for a extra large dog like mine, thats why I asked. I think the largest dog they had was around 100lbs.

Didn’t Matt mention the exact mg./kg. that they used for the current dog study? I think most people just follow that estimate and scale it to their dog weight as closely as possible.

They’re using 0.15 mg/kg (once per week) in the rapamycin arm of the Dog Aging Project.

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So - at .15mg/kg for a 140lb (63kg) dog that works out to about 9mg a week. Wow - that seems high for a dog. Am I calculating that right?

It does seem like a lot for a dog, but a 140 pound dog is a lot of dog!:laughing:


Yes - its interesting… its a slightly higher dose in terms of mg/kg than most people seem to be taking of rapamycin. For a 170lb/77kg male human a dose of 0.15 mg/kg equals almost 12 mg./week. Which is a little higher, I think, than what most people take per week of rapamycin.

Dr Kaeberlein I believe said it’s because the half-life is shorter in dogs. Maybe there are other pharmacokinetic considerations, but interspecies dosing conversions is a topic I’m currently a bit weak on.