Cataracts Gone after a Few Months on Rapamycin

My wife’s previous visit to her eye doctor told her that she would probably have her cataracts done in a couple plus years. Her last visit she was told that there were no sigh of cataracts. She has been on rapa for about 3 months. Could be the rapa or I don’t know.


Fingers crossed maybe mine will go away!

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My dog has cataracts as well (not really bad cataracts, just eyes were getting milky and he was afraid going up the stairs at night, probably he’s night vision was suffering). He’s been on rapamycin for two months and eyes seem visibly clearer (not clear by any means) and seems his night vision is improving as well as he is not affraid of going up or down stairs at night. Might be my wishful optimism as studies on this are conflicting and while some studies show some reversal or slowing down there are also studies that show “chronic” rapamycin will accelerate cataracts… we will see.


Let’s ask chatgpt about cataracts:

Chatgpt, can rapa cure cataracts?

‘More research is needed.’ Isn’t it always?

Did your wife see the same doctor both times?

If rapa cured somebody’s cataracts, seems like an important piece of information, an obvious confirmation of measurable impact. And would have surfaced on more occasions by now.

Has Dr. Green ever reported out anything about effect on cataracts in his 1200 patient pop? Something to ask at the next interview.

Perhaps there are others with cataracts in our ‘seasoned’ population here at rapa news? Can anyone else report on the status of their cataracts after taking rapa for a while?

I was told I got one a few years ago, and it would be several years before it became an issue. I will get my eyes checked at the end of this year. Will be interesting to see what has happened, if anything.


I had the same warning 3 or 4 years ago that I would need my cataracts removed soon.

Three years on rapa, and while other younger friends and relatives required the surgery, mine still have not progressed to the point that they need to be removed.

I believe it is quite likely that rapa slows the advance of cataracts.


That’s great news.

But if after three years of rapa use the cataract is still there, that’s a significantly different outcome than having one disappear after three months.

@CoachHarvey, what is the dose regimen your wife has been following those three months?

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I had cataracts before I started Rapa and even went to get an exam and estimate from the local surgeon. Hard to get straight answers on this one. My vision was in decline for sure.

3 years of Rapa and my vision has improved for sure. Most recent test is that I have one in the left eye still, but I don’t notice it and my vision has been pretty reliable lately.


Just as an aside. I had cataracts removed and replaced by intraocular lens transplants.
The surgery was easy and recovery time is very rapid. I was astonished at the improvement because I hadn’t realized how bad my cataracts were. My impaired night driving made me make the decision. Most insurances will pay for it you can convince your doctor that it is time to do something about your cataracts.


I’ve just started developing cataracts at 65 and I’ve been using rapamycin (5-7 mg every 7-10 days) for about 4 years. Also I read one paper that found that in mice it increased the incidence of cataracts! The age related mechanism seems to be the stiffening of the lens proteins that starts with presbyopia around 45. That reduces the permeability to antioxidants like glutathione that protect the lens proteins from oxidation.

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My wife exoerienced the exact same thing, just returning form the eye doctor. Wow
Also her sight has improve substantially, not sure it is related to the improved cataracts.

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