Reverse Gray Hair, Hair Repigmentation

I think in theory it could as it’s an a-msh. This video discusses other possible methods using other peptides. The website has time stamped and summarised it. Reverse Grey Hair with Peptides: UHP's Effective Solution — Eightify

But yes, M2 can have some bad side effects including causing melananoma: Melanoma associated with the use of melanotan-II - PubMed

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The facial is definately darker in the photos. Was the GR7 and/ or your home concoction applied there also?

It’s a little darker I would say and yes I used both my own homemade mix and GR7. I also do various supplements one being copper(don’t know if had any effect). Btw in last couple days my grey hair on the sides of my head is almost gone, like 90% (mainly because of GR7). While the facial hair is the same, it seems that GR7 may not work so well in facial hair, and it actually does say in instructions do not use on facial hair. A bit weird that they would say that, and even weirder if it doesn’t work on facial hair. I thought hair is hair no matter where.


Yesterday, based on your ingredients, I mixed a cocktail of 10 ml water-based hair lotion with procapil + 2 ml minoxidil + 1000 mg naс + 1000 mg glycine + 350 mg acetyl tyrosine. In the morning, the tip of the pipette in the bottle turned black and a distinct sour smell appeared (like bad beer). Strange reaction, I’m afraid to use it on my hair.


lol can’t say much but you have listed some ingredients I don’t have on mine. Guaranteed that my mix will NOT stain anything but again while I suspect can’t definitely say that a little difference I see on my facial hair is because of it as I’m doing other things also. When I look now I don’t think the difference is as much as it is seems in pic though. I think the pic I took yesterday is a bit more in profile and it seems it might have put more emphasis in black hair. Having said that I know for a fact that I see some black hair in my face where there was none. All in all I’d say I may have lost about 10-20% of the grey facial hair, but not like 50% of it as it seems in the picture.

As far as head hair yes GR7 seems to work especially my color which lighter. However I see that after using it 4 days twice per day it appears to want and make the hair a bit darker than my natural and maybe a bit reddish. So I’m planning on stopping daily use and go weekly now. Overall happy with the results. After using it for a while I have come to the same conclusion as someone on this board earlier that it does seem to be a mix of a type of dye, and perhaps some compound that induces the natural hair coloring. I also put some on my facial hair today and wetted my face with it. I can confirm that the skin has turned a darker shade (barely noticeable but it is there) after 3-4 hours. Again I think it is a fancy dye with couple other compounds in it.

BTW I wouldn’t care about the smell. The darker mark you see can’t comment on it, but you can try it on the outmost tips of a bunch of your hair and if you see it looks bad just cut it. There’s no other way of knowing


I got my first grey hair at age 19 and by 27 I was mostly grey. At 35, there was not a black hair to be found on the top of my head. I started taking rapamycin for four months ago (age 67) and much to my surprise, after six weeks, I noticed a few black hairs sprouting. Now, it is more than a few! I might have to dye my hair white soon- what’s a guy to do?


Mitochondrial efficiency has a lot of effects.

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11th day of using gr-7 and no changes in hair color, not even yellowing. How are you doing with this lotion?

By the way, I take several supplements that claim to reverse gray hair. And today I discovered this:

on several white hairs the root is black. Is this related to the vitamins or the lotion?

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What are the supplements you take that claim to reverse gray hair?

My first post on this forum:

I am looking to make a lotion including Rapamycin based on advice in this long thread.

But as a resident in Norway in Europe I am struggling to find Transcutol or equivalent as a base topical mix. It is too expensive to send Transcutol from the US to Europe unfortunately ca 100USD for shipping

Could someone guide me to how to buy Transcutol or equivalent in Europe, or shipped to Europe for a reasonable cost?

Thank you!

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Hi, here are some tips on finding Transcutol in Europe.

first of all - there are many names to search for:

Here are all the different identifiers / names for transcutol. Googling on the CAS # might be helpful, or any of the other names:

Transcutol has a number of different chemical names/identifiers. Here is a list:

  • 2-(2-Ethoxyethoxy)ethanol: Ethoxydiglycol, 3,6-dioxa-1-octanol,
  • DEGEE, diethylene glycol monoethyl ether,
  • Carbitol,
  • Carbitol Cellosolve,
  • Transcutol,
  • Dioxitol,
  • Polysolv DE,
  • Dowanal DE

Chemical Identifier: CAS Number 111-90-0

Some sources in NL:

The UK:

off Amazon®Diethylene-glycol-monoethyl-ether-CAS/dp/B08BRL8K36 is a place where you can buy Transcutol in Europe, no prescription needed.

Transcutol is available at in Spain.
Like most things in Spain, they only think in selling to the Spanish market so they require a national ID or residence number in order to make the purchase.
I gave them a call to inquire about a purchase by a European or UK citizen.
This can be done bypassing the automated web and contacting directly with Mrs. Christiana Tilg at
Hopefully this is of use.

Source: DIY Rapamycin Toothpaste and Flossing Paste - #78 by Christian.M


nac+glycine, paba, vit b complex, D3, n-acetyl l-tyrosine, glutathione, mucuna pruriens

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If the cause is due to melanocyte stem cell interruption during the growth cycles due to stress or illness then the use of photobiomodulation for cellular rejuvenation may reverse the process.
Topical anti-aging compounds that are currently under investigation include photo protectors, such as cinnamidopropyltrimonium chloride and solid lipid nanoparticles as carriers for UV blockers, oral supplementation with l-cystine and l-methionine, and topical melatonin.


Couple days ago you said “11th day using GR7 and no changes in hair color”

Fast forward to today and you post a picture that shows not only that your hair has definitely turned black but change is so huge that one can barely tell it is you. Can you explain it? Was the effect only in last couple days ?
Or maybe you dyed it professionally?


it’s not me. I accidentally found this information on the Internet and decided to share it with you. maybe it will be useful for someone

This is my progress on Gr7 to date. 2 weeks. the color does not change, only black dots appeared at the roots of the hair. you can draw your own conclusions.


The only benefit I can note from the supplements is the growth of a lot of new hair. And the eyebrows became thicker and darker


have you seen this post? Man claims his hair is full of pigment again after taking three supplements: * L-Cystein (NAC) * L-Methionin * PABA


Unfortunately, showing 3 or 4 hairs that are in the process of turning from white to dark is not proof that an intervention is working.
This is how hairs normally change. First, they are fully dark. Then, when the old hair has fallen out and a new one starts, it’s white at first, then reverts to dark. Next cycle, the white portion is longer, maybe 50% before the colour kicks back in. Next cycle, the hair might be 75% white until it darkens. Finally, the whole hair is white. Melanin production and insertion into the shaft has ceased.
This is the process of normal depigmentation of hair.
So, finding a few that have reverted from white to dark means nothing.
2 photos taken months apart under the same conditions that show markedly darker hair in the more recent photo…that could be evidence.


Thank you for all the guidance on buyinh Transcutol in Europe.

The Amazon-links did no provide available products, and I received no response from the company Guinama.

But I was able to purchase Propylene Glycol from, I will use that as my “base” in the mixture.


Hello. I have tacrolimus ointment with the following composition: white soft paraffin, mineral oil, propylene carbonate, white wax, paraffin, butylhydroxytoluene (E 321), alpha-tocopherol. Please advise how to properly dissolve it in minoxidil from Kirkland