35 Year Old Active Dude wants to give rapamycin a shot, what metrics to track?

I am a 35-year-old active male (Workout 4/5 a week), have a relatively healthy diet (I eat carbs but generally eat a clean, well-balanced diet), and Sauna 5/6 times a week. I will try rapamycin, but I had some concerns and questions before starting.

  1. I do a lot of BJJ and have caught staph a few times; while the infection is prevalent amongst grapplers, I don’t want to deal with a weak immune system, and hence am thinking about rapa 2 times a month instead of every month. Would this make sense? Thinking of starting 6 mg every two weeks and upping to 12mg.
  2. What metrics should I track before and after? I am thinking of getting blood work done every 3 months but I don’t know what should be followed.
  3. Should I limit my carb intake? Honestly, being very active, I can’t rely on a keto diet at this point and am scared of developing insulin intolerance.
  4. I have a prior history of a small (5mm) rectal carcinoid, while according to my GI’s it’s not a big risk, I WILL BE at more risk for developing cancer than someone who has’t had this.

Hi Ali, and welcome to the forum. As you know the entire area of rapamycin use is still very much in its infancy when it comes to longevity applications, so we are all in a learning mode here. My general suggestion is to do as much pre-and post testing as makes sense for you and your budget.

Here are some good discussions to get you on your way:

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Please report on your journey.

Most of us don’t do a Keto diet, but many of us moderate simple carbs like sugar, junk food, etc.

Review the FAQ as much as you can: Rapamycin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Took 2mg as my first dose on Saturday. Not many “noticeable” benefits, I do have a bigger appetite tho I would say, was scared that my sleep will be impaired, and that has NOT been the case so far. I did my bloodwork a week ago and will upload the results as soon as I get them. Hopefully, I will do my next round of blood work 4 months from now to measure the changes.


Ali, be sure to take the rapamycin early in the morning… that seems to minimize risk of sleep disruption for many people.

In fact, from my experience rapamycin taken late in the afternoon or evening might be a good way to get additional work done if you need to work late one night… I didn’t get to sleep until something like 4am the time I took rapamycin at 9pm.

Also - since you first posted we had a new user post his before and after testing protocol. I encourage you to review it because I think its a really good way to implement a pre and post testing protocol - though I would suggest a 6 month period between pre-test and post-test just to see more of a difference over time. 3 months is a pretty short period. See here: My Lab and Fitness Results After 3 months of Rapamycin Use

Thank you. I did take it the first week in the morning and will continue to do so given what I have read about its effects on sleep.

Took my 4 mg on the weekend. It has been 14 days since my last dose, and I plan to stay at 5 mg every other week. My Insidetracker results came back showing my actual age, three years younger. I am planning to take a second test around four months from now. My observations so far:

  1. Sleep has had no changes. I sleep well.
  2. I am way weaker in grappling. I have no idea if this is related, but almost everyone I used to beat up a week ago was wiping the floor with my face.
  3. My gums are not as bleeding as much when brushing my teeth, but for this to be related to rapa I need to have a few more data points.I have heard about improved gum health on rapa but do need to verify on my own.

I am 37m here also pretty active. Been on rapa for 3 months. Benefits of rapa accumulate over time IME. Best one is just sounder sleep. My sleep efficiency as measured by Oura has gone up 3-4%, from 84 to 88-89.


What is your dosing schedule like?

I am still tinkering to find what works for me. But mostly 5mg // week with an absorption enhancer (piperine and/or GFJ).

Now trying lower doses (2-3 mg) but twice a week.

5 mg + GFJ would be around 15 mg rapa a week, which would be 30 mg everolimus. 20 mg once a week of everolimus had some significant side effects in the 2014 study.

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I have had my 6mg every other week dose today. I will See what turns out.