Thoughts on low dose sildenafil for health and longevity?

Haven’t seen any commentary on here thus far about using low dose Viagra for cardioprotective (and geroprotective) benefits. Does anyone have any insight into whether this is worth exploring?

I note Alex Zhavoronkov seems to take it and has commented elsewhere that its his favourite mechanism of action of any drug.

He had a Forbes article about it a few months ago:

" But in recent years, after millions of people took Viagra, and other popular drugs in the phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors such as Cialis and Levitra, and doctors and statisticians started noticing its long-term very positive side effects. In 2014, a meta analysis of the many showed cardioprotective effects of PDE5 inhibitors. In 2018, Cialis improved cardiovascular and overactive bladder in heart failure rats, and in 2019, it was shown to reverse signs of heart failure in sheep. In 2021, a study out of Karolinska Institute in Sweden showed that PDE5 inhibitors may extend life in men with coronary artery disease. And at the end of 2021, a group at Cleveland Clinic analyzed the insurance claims for more than 7 million Americans and found that people on Viagra were almost 70% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than people who were not on the drug."

“Just looking at the data, I predict that with time PDE5 inhibitors will one day take their rightful place among the other longevity physicians’ arsenal of geroprotectors including rapalogs, metabolic regulators, antifibrotics, cardiovascular and other classes of drugs. At the very least, PDE5 inhibitors provide a form of indirect cardiovascular exercise and may enable physical activity that would otherwise be impossible.”


Interesting. Do you have any idea what dose Zhavoronkov is taking, and how often?

Most studies you are citing include only males, I’d assume - besides the rodent/sheep studies perhaps. So do we know if it may have similar effects in females?

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Its definitely interesting. Here was one long discussion thread from earlier: Large Study Finds Viagra Is Linked to Almost 70% Lower Risk of Alzheimer's


Also, as a class of medications it seems to be one of the most used “longevity medications” by our community members here, see the survey results below: Rapamycin User Survey #2 - Please Respond


I’ve noticed the allopathic orientation generally of this site. I still get lots of info, but it is unfortunate that so many avoid the more natural, healthy way to both treat specific conditions, but also to aid longevity and optimal health.

In this case, why just a list of medical prescriptions? Almost all can be replaced safely with natural alternatives

Viagra principles have been used for centuries with various nitric oxide generators:

ED is often one of the first signs of future heart attacks, & that should be investigated rather than a blue bill.

Also interesting with the link to study I posted yesterday showing Metformin did not exhibit any life-extending benefits. I’m not yet sold that is true, but I always thought the met benefits were for diabetics & pre-diabetes.

Does Rapa News have a list of the most vitamins / supplements taken?

After 50 years of taking mostly 50+ vits daily, I know what I’ve taken (spreadsheets,) but no idea just what has done what for me.

But willow bark instead of aspirin, avoids many of the aspirin risks; red yeast rice vs statins; red beet powder vs viagra, & various heart meds, etc, etc.

Mankind lived for at least 500,000 years before Rx & pharmaceutical companies – and almost always in a healthier condition.

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Found Alex’s previous tweet here (w/ Blagosklonny cameo)

Looks like he’s taking cialis now instead, 5 mg.

Looks like he takes it twice a week from this tweet here:

half life is 36 hrs roughly, i think.

No idea about benefits for females; females are notoriously underused in animal studies so would have to check paper by paper is my guess.


Very interesting; thanks for the links!

Thanks so much Garrett. Will want to look into the papers also indeed.

Yes - we try to be a rigorously scientific / clinical study focused site just because that tends to be the best data on which to base decisions (in my opinion).

“natural” or complex mixtures of many nutritional foods etc. rarely have good controlled clinical studies (randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled studies) so the data is much less conclusive in terms of efficacy. They tend to be “associative” without clear causality linkages.

Also - the more “natural” you get (e.g. berberine, willow bark, etc.) typically there are fewer good clinical studies, and additionally, because there are typically many different molecules involved, the drugs are much “dirtier” in terms of impacting many different possible targets and pathways in the body; so greater risk of side effects and unintended consequences.

At the same time, of course pharmaceuticals and clinical studies from corporate pharma are far from perfect with many biases, obfuscations and excessive “marketing” around results, and hidden or unreported negative outcomes and side effects.

We live in a very imperfect world, but I think generally the clinical study data (over time) tends to be better on single, small molecule drugs. And of course, this tendency will vary by specific compound or drug and its length of time on the market, etc.


Many people love to jump on the “natural” bandwagon even though there are not many rigorous studies to back it up.

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500,000 years of human existence – under “natural” conditions;

billions of people;

First “blind” study not until by Ben Franklin, circa 1785.

No FDA, 'til about early 1900s;

Today #1 killer, heart disease, was so rare early 1900s that MDs traveled to wherever they could to find a patient, as it was so rare. (Hint: health has deteriorated since FDA required Trials & outlawing many “natural” substances / treatments.)

Today, despite tens of thousands of single, double, & triple blind studies, & spending the most per-capita for health in the world, the U.S. ranks about 40th in the world in every degenerative disease.

That means behind not just “advanced” European countries, but behind many third-world ones too. Few would consider today’s Americans healthy, in any regard.

Part of the disparity is many other countries rely on more “natural” approaches – e.g., not just ahead in removing items such as Roundup, but also in using more natural Homeopathy, rather than Harvard medical protocols.

Without possibility of patent, no entity will spend the approx $1 billion & years, to go thru FDA trials to bring a product to market.

When basic premises are not yielding desired results, one needs to check one’s basic assumptions.


I noticed several years ago that the doctor leading AgelessRX prescribed tadalafil (generic Cialis) for it’s anti-aging effects.
So two years ago I started taking 5mg tadalafil each morning (from India not from AgelessRX).


As mentioned earlier my urologist told me viagra-cialis is healthy for you once 60 years old to have 5mg a day. So he put me on it. Amazing!!

Some reseach says viagra-cialis prevents dementia… now maybe not. Link: NIH DREAM study finds Viagra and Cialis do not reduce risk of Alzheimer’s and related dementias | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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IMO: Homeopathy has been completely discredited many times.
“How has life expectancy changed from 1900 to 2000?
But increases in life expectancy at older ages were also dramatic: 15-year-olds in 1900 could expect to live 46.8 more years, whereas their counterparts in 2000 could expect to live 62.6 more years, an increase of almost 16 years.”
So no, things aren’t getting worse.

“1,800 Studies Later, Scientists Conclude Homeopathy Doesn’t Work”

“A 2010 House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report on homeopathy said that homeopathic remedies perform no better than placebos (dummy treatments)”

“Clinical trials have been conducted and generally demonstrated no objective effect from homeopathic preparations. The fundamental implausibility of homeopathy as well as a lack of demonstrable effectiveness has led to it being characterized within the scientific and medical communities as quackery and fraud.”

Homeopathy - Wikipedia.

Just a few facts: homeopathy has been used for thousands of years, & more recently scientists have proven their efficacy. I’m not interested in presenting proof to you, unless you make it well worth my while.

But to you erroneous statements re life expectancy: Almost all gains in “average” life expectancy from at least ancient Rome to current day, has been due to:

  1. Deaths at birth;
    If 2 people born same time, but one dies during birth, the other lives to 100. Average life span is 50. That was more the case for the first few centuries of history.
  2. Childhood illness, during first 15 years;
  3. Wars (common in Ancient Rome;)
  4. Difficult work conditions, often including beatings, etc.

A 20 year-old in Ancient Rome, or in 1900, or 2000, or 2022, would all live to approx the same age. Maybe 2-3 more years in 2022 vs 1800.

Average life span, has been a trick / fraud, perpetrated by MDs, researchers, & pharma companies for many decades.

Too bad so many otherwise intelligent people fall for the trick.

Just one article, which I post for others, as your mind has already been closed:

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Yes, rhinoceros horns, monkey balls, etc still being used in “natural” supplements to the detriment of us all.
If you want to believe all of the “natural” junk science, be my guest.


I think low dose Cialis is superior to Viagra because of its more extended effect. Dr. Alan Green prescribed this for me together with Rapamycin after explaining the benefits. I was unaware until he brought it to my attention.


True, but I think healthspan and quality of life has improved substantially for today’s humans. Just cataract surgery and hearing aids are a huge improvement to quality of life.

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Agree, but MDs, pharma, would like people to think more has improved over 2,000 years than just eyesight & hearing improvements.

And basically neither of those are mostly due to Rx meds, but rather mechanical aids.