Thoughts on low dose sildenafil for health and longevity?

Does anyone know of good studies that investigated the impact of PDE5 inhibitors on all-cause-mortality in healthy populations (no CVD risk factors)?

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No, but…


Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitors in Men With Erectile Dysfunction and the Risk of Alzheimer Disease

A Cohort Study

PDE5I initiation in men with ED was associated with a lower risk of AD, particularly in those most frequently issued prescriptions. The differences between primary and sensitivity analyses highlight the need to explore the optimal lag period. To enhance the generalizability of our findings, a randomized controlled trial including both sexes and exploring various PDE5I doses would be beneficial to confirm the association between PDE5I and AD.

Open Access Paper:


Quick linking! Popped up on my news feed also. Alzheimer’s is looking more and more like just an extension of cardiovascular disease every year. Anything that helps arterial health should help the brain.

My personal preference would be for tadalafil due to its longer half-life and more selective action (less inhibition of PDE6). There are some questions over sildenafil and eye health although recent studies appear to suggest it’s ok.


Non-selective PDE inhibition is also interesting from a longevity perspective, given that various of the enzymes other than PDE5 appear sporadically in the literature. As far as I know there isn’t yet a consensus on why one observes a correlation of caffeine intake with lifespan but it seems plausible at least some of it is directly caffeine. A better tuned xanthine drug, like pentoxyfylline, would certainly perform better. Now that the PDE5i’s are off patent and super-popular I’m not sure is there’s any financial advantage though.

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So they only checked for people with Vagra prescriptions but not cialis?

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That’s great, thanks for sharing!

It looks like healthy and young folks are less likely to benefit based on this:

E.g., see “<70 years”.

Or would you draw a different conclusion?

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Received my order of Cialis couple days ago and started taking 5mg yesterday. while I felt fine generally speaking, my red face makes me look like a lobster (for last 24 hours). Viagra never gave me this effect for some reason, but I had headaches and acid reflux from Viagra but not from Cialis. I think I will cut the pills further and only take 2.5mg as opposed to 5mg I was taking and see if my redness will disappear.
BTW, I also received Jardiance, and rosuvastatin with this order and took them both last couple days. It seems that I might be a bit weaker (did same weights last night but could only do about 10-11 reps as opposed to usually doing 13) but other than that I feel great. I must play with doses though, and I intend to take the least possible dose for each of these meds (since I have absolutely no need medically for any of them but am using them for longevity).


Yea I had to lower cialis to 2.5mg as well. The red eyes that drug gives me sucks.


I’m intrigued about the longevity benefits of Cialis. However, I already have tinnitus that I’m trying to manage and worried about that side effect as well as hearing loss. Has anyone experienced this side effect of Cialis and if so, when you stopped, did the symptoms go away?