Testing Cost Comparison

Starting compareing test cost, the same lab(LabCorp) different ordering/payment methods.

I have no financial interest in any of these companies/web sites.

Metabolic Panel (14)
LabCorp TEST: 322000
$49.00 billed to insurance
Test number CPT: 80053
Cost $49.00 through LabCorp Direct

Same test same lab, the least expensive I located; $8.74 through

CRP-hs / hs-CRP
high-sensitivity C-reactive protein
$75.00 LabCorp billing insurance
Test: 120766
CPT: 86141

CRP-hs (120766)
$12.33 at

$88.00 LabCorp billing insurance
Test: 004333
CPT: 83525
Insulin Blood Test (004333)
$12.37 at

Hemoglobin (Hb) A1c
$70.00 LabCorp billing insurance
Test: 001453
CPT: 83036

$8.74 at

CBC with differential & platelet Blood Test (005009)
LabCorp Direct $29.00
$7.28 at

Shop and compare


LabCorp billing to insurance for rapamycin/sirolomus test, $400.00

The least expensive rapamycin/sirolomus test.(the testing is preformed by LabCorp) $59.00 plus a blood drawing fee.

This is was posted on this forum, I do not recall who originally posted the company, Marek Diagnostics.

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