Blood Testing Cost Comparison

Starting compareing test cost, the same lab(LabCorp) different ordering/payment methods.

I have no financial interest in any of these companies/web sites.

Metabolic Panel (14)
LabCorp TEST: 322000
$49.00 billed to insurance
Test number CPT: 80053
Cost $49.00 through LabCorp Direct

Same test same lab, the least expensive I located; $8.74 through

CRP-hs / hs-CRP
high-sensitivity C-reactive protein
$75.00 LabCorp billing insurance
Test: 120766
CPT: 86141

CRP-hs (120766)
$12.33 at

$88.00 LabCorp billing insurance
Test: 004333
CPT: 83525
Insulin Blood Test (004333)
$12.37 at

Hemoglobin (Hb) A1c
$70.00 LabCorp billing insurance
Test: 001453
CPT: 83036

$8.74 at

CBC with differential & platelet Blood Test (005009)
LabCorp Direct $29.00
$7.28 at

Shop and compare


LabCorp billing to insurance for rapamycin/sirolomus test, $400.00

The least expensive rapamycin/sirolomus test.(the testing is preformed by LabCorp) $59.00 plus a blood drawing fee.

This is was posted on this forum, I do not recall who originally posted the company, Marek Diagnostics.

Review link;


Check out Ulta labs. Order what you want online, then make an appointment at a Quest Diagnostics center for the actual draw. Cash price for most of my labs through Ulta is cheaper than having them run through my insurance.


Check out Ulta labs.

FYI, if anyone uses Ulta Lab Tests, there’s an easy way to get another 20% off their prices: sign up for their marketing emails. Each daily email includes discount codes.

For example, the currently-active 20%-off-all-tests code is UltaHRS23 (valid until “Midnight on January 13th, 2024. MST”).

I’ve used Ulta Lab Tests several times and have no complaints.

ETA: I see that 20%-off discount codes are listed on their website (“Weekly Promotions” on main page). No need even to sign up for marketing emails.


Does anyone know if Marek is good in New York?

I’m afraid it isn’t possible to order labs yourself if you’re in NY. It’s illegal.