Starting soon, my story

Hello all, I’ve recently ordered Sirolimus(siroboon brand) and acarbose from indiamart. I’m also thinking of letting my parents(age 69 and 75) to try them too. They both have a number of age related disease, dad is worse, like diabetes, cholesterol, aches and pain. I have a bit of concern about rapa causing problem with blood glucose, especially my dad who has some trouble controlling it. I’ll start them with 1mg with high fat yogurt and ev olive oil and see how they feel. From what I heard they may feel worse before they feel better for a few weeks. Definitely have to monitor my dad’s sugar level. He takes needle insulin and uses the glucose arm monitor.

As for myself, I’m 40, I only have one health issue for around 13 years, which unfortunately have no name and very tough to live with. On November 2009, I had a chemical trauma to my brain. Eye drop medication for iritis(cyclogyl and prednisolone) somehow seeped into my brain during sleep and reacted very intensely. Lesson learned is not to take eye drop medication right before going to bed. I did recover from the trauma in a day, but a week later, chronic symptom started to develop in my brain(pituitary area or area that reacted in my brain). My chronic symptom is constant tightness and pulsating in the brain causing constant mental exhaustion, every moment, no pain. Over the last 13 years I have seen a number of doctors with no help, also tried many supplements and therapy with no help at all. I’ve accept no doctors can help me because I know my symptom and the chemical trauma is not known in the medical literature. MRI scan shows nothing, they just tell me it’s psychological which I don’t believe. My theory is maybe the chemical trauma caused some kind of autoimmune issue to that area of brain. I have read about rapamycin may help with autoimmune issue, also may need a high dose to get it into the brain. So my plan is start rapa at 1mg/week and get it higher each week and go as high as possible without too much side effect to hopefully reach to the brain and help with my chronic brain symptom. I read grapefruit helps, probably take it at the same time to get more consistent result instead of an hour before. I’m guessing lowering mtor would not help my brain because I’ve tried fasting before with didn’t help. Maybe the mechanism of modulating/suppressing the immune system a bit may help my body to not creating this chronic symptom in my brain. Curious those people with kidney transplant, how much rapamycin they take each day, take them lifelong?

Thanks for reading, I’ll try to report back. Welcome any suggestions/comments. Wish you all best of health doing this.


Welcome! I hope that Rapamycin will have a positive effect on your health!

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Remember that Rapa is mainly to prevent disease and not treat it. Once you have a heart condition, etc. Rapa will be of limited benefit. Although boosting the immune system is one benefit. Dr. Blagsklonny has commented on this in detail in all his papers.


Hi, and welcome to the forums.

I recommend you do as much “baseline” testing before you start rapamycin so that you can track its effect on you over time. Its really nice to have the numbers before you start, so you can compare them to later testing.

Please see these discussions on what people are doing in the way of pre-testing: A Friendly, Biological Age Reduction Competition?

And another really good example: Blood Tests and Biomarkers pre-Rapamycin

And please post blood test results - before and later … perhaps sometime after 6 months or more, to see how things are going.

Oh - and I definitely encourage you to read up as much as you can (and watch videos, listen to the rapamycin podcasts) so you are fully informed about rapamycin and things to watch for; good and bad.

We are all on this adventure together!

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Hope it works for you mate!

Hey, I also have some weird pulsating pain ever since taking iritis medication

Do you have any confirmation that it “seeped into your brain” or is it just feeling/instinct?

Also where is the pain located, is it right behind and slightly above your eye?


In my case, I visited 6 eye docs, and they all just prescribed more eyedrops that didnt help