Siroboon Lab Blood Test Results

I took one for the team and loaded 10mg of Siroboon on Friday morning then had my blood drawn 90 minutes later

Could someone help me interpret?


Thanks so much for posting!

20.6 ng/ML is quite high… its definitely getting into your blood at a high level!

Here is the graph from a sample of people at different dosing levels of rapamycin:

And here is the paper that helps you understand the dose/response if you want to dig deeper:

More Reading:

Pharmacokenetics and Safety of a Single Dose of Rapamycin (sirolimus) in Healthy Males
10.1097@00007691-200010000-00006-3.pdf (163.8 KB)


Great to know - thank you. I believe Siroboon is one of the least expensive options from the Indian pharmacies so nice to see it works.

I had take a prior dose of 2mg with grapefruit on the Sunday before so there may have been some residual left from that but I don’t imagine much


Interpretation requires a little information about your size. That graph is based on square meters which is a metric for Body Surface Area (BSA). BSA takes into account your height as well as your weight to normalize for different body types. You can calculate your BSA using the calculator here BSA Calculator - Body Surface Area. For example, I weigh about 75 kg and am 5’ 10" tall so my BSA is ~ 2 m^2. I take 10 mg of sirolimus weekly so to find my place on that graph I’d follow the 5 mg/ m^2 line. From the graph it looks like they found that on average people who took 5mg / m^2 had 35-40 ng /ml. If you are about my height and weight I’d conclude you are slightly low for that dose but that area of the graph is difficult to interpret and you may be on either side of the peak at 90 minutes post ingestion (hard to say without more time points). I’d say you are about in line with what others have reported at that dose and depending on your BSA and timing it may be smack on what you’d expect.


Nice, yeah my BSA is around 2.179

Wow! My levels were on 4.2 90 minutes after 4mg. Then .6 seven days later. Maybe I need to step up my game.

My Siroboon (10mg) result. Surprisingly low (for me). Blood taken two hours after ingestion. Prior tests were 40+ and 48+ ng/mL with Rapacan (also 10mg). All three tests performed in the same NC lab.

I guess I’ll stick with the Rapacan I have for now, and do more Siroboon testing some other time.

My batch has ‘Jan 2023’ manufacture date. @forceofnature what does yours say?

Len - so this test you just posted above is when you used siroboon version of sirolimus? What dose level? Any other possible variables you can think of that might have differed from your other tests with Biocon Rapacan?

I updated the original post to answer some of your questions.

The Siroboon (10mg) above was the first dosing after stopping for two weeks.(** Wrong, see edit below)

The two Rapacan tests were after weekly building up, 1,2,3,5,7, and then 10mg (test), and following week 10mg (test).

But these different contexts shouldn’t matter, right? After a week, concentration should be down around/below 1ng/mL.

No difference in food consumed prior. All three tests within 10 minutes or so of around two hours elapsed time after initial ingestion. Though Siroboon was probably the longest elapsed time, but still not much more than two hours.


I nodded off for a while, and when I woke up, realized I had this wrong. The mistake is right there in the lab snippet. On 3/3, I had the second Rapacan test, and the result was 48.8. This was after having paused dosing for two weeks. The Siroboon 8.9 result was one week later, 3/10.

In theory, yes. But people do process rapamycin differently, so there may have been some significant levels of rapamycin still in your system after taking 10mg, and waiting for a week, then taking the next 10mg. (vs. 10mg after a two week break). The only way to be sure is testing trough levels just before you dose again.

The only way to be sure is for me to start a sirolimus testing gofundme :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


OK, senior moment. See updated post above. In essence, no two week delay affecting Siroboon outcome.

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I now have the results of 2 sirolimus blood tests. After being on rapa for nearly 9 months I took a break when I realized it was slowing my healing from hernia surgery. After being off rapa for about 3 weeks, which I figured would put me in a major trough state, I did the blood draw for sirolimus in early August,2022. The result was <0.5 ng/ml, which I assume means no more than a trace.

I immediately went back on rapa, spefically SIROBOON, and in fairly rapid increments upped the dose to 12 mg once per week. Seven months later I did the blood draw again and got the results recently. The result came with the word ALERT written in Red, and the result was 42.4 ng/ml, more than twice the upper end of the reference range. I took the 12 SiroBoon tablets immediately after eating an avocado, and immediately after ingesting the rapa I ate a large handful of peanuts swimming in olive oil. (Usually I just have rapa with a can of sardines in olive oil.) The blood was drawn 1 hour and 34 minutes after ingesting the rapa. Some quick google research seems to indicate that high blood levels of sirolimus are NOT a problem (and MB would likely say it’s a good thing, perhaps especially for an old geezer like me). Anyone see a problem with this high a result? Has anyone else received this high a result or close? If so, did it concern you and did you make any adjustments? As one of the ancient ones on this forum, I am resistant to lowering the dose but would appreciate the thoughts of others.I have not decided between carrying on with 12 mg/weekly or switching to 20 or 22 mg every 2 weeks to have a bigger peak - trough difference. Update: I consumed 15 mg yesterday with sardines in olive oil and no side effects.


Great that you are testing. By my calculations your trough in one week should be about 5. It is the trough that matters, even though we don’t really know the right number for it. Because over time a high trough can inhibit Mtor 2 and mess up things like blood sugar.

You know you can cheat a little and go to 10 days or 12. You don’t have to go from one week to two.

My trough was tested at around 2 and I’ve been happy with no problems.


If you didn’t feel feverish or I’ll in any way I wouldn’t worry about that peak level. Just switch your dosing to fortnightly to make sure your trough levels are low enough.


Thanks. I thought about 10 days. But once a week or once every 2 weeks makes scheduling the rapa and days to lift, etc a lot easier.


Gary, coincidentally I am healing from a hernia operation also. This Thurs will be 4week post op. I have been on 5-6mg per week for a few months now. I claim no affect, I might consider doing a higher dose. I am about to order more, this time siroboon and pleased that tests have shown it is the real thing. Siroboon 1mg Tablets at 130 USD for 200 Tablets and 250 USD for 500 Tablets Price includes shipping charges. Forveda Online Private Limited in the Indiamart

Hey Harvey!
I paid $160 for 300 Tablets of Siroboom from KACHHELA MEDEX PRIVATE LIMITED from Indiamart. Let me know if you want the contact info. Good luck!

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Those are good prices. My healing from hernia surgery definitely went better after I stopped Rapa for about 7 weeks. Been back on it for 9 months now. While 6 mg per week is a good starting dose for men, at some point it might be good to up it IMHO; this, of course, is not medical advice. Also, IMHO, increases should be incremental because, among other reasons, for many people higher doses can lead to GI discomfort or possibly more serious GI issues. As a NON-medical professional, my view is the older one is, the more aggressive or risky one might want to be with Rapa. Just my 2 cents.

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