Rapamycin to Delay Menopause

Here’s an interesting article posted today: Could delaying menopause boost women’s health? 1 woman shares her story


Thank you, this is such an important topic. I see a lot of women around me (due to my age) suffering through the transition and the impact it has not just on them but everyone around them. Hopefully we can make some progress in both this area and providing better help for women already in menopause who could benefit from appropriate HRT when needed.


I think in the mice they actually reversed ovarian fibrosis with rapamycin.

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Here’s a link to the clinical trial:



I just saw a new member’s profile as follows below. @Dwidrick can you please comment on your experience with rapamycin and the restart of your periods?

This is of interest to many women here and perhaps you can share a little more information (this is all anonymous since we really don’t know who you are).

This is an important area of research right now - as the clinical trial testing repamycin for menopause delay at Columbia University medical school is suggesting.

I am 53 years old and have not had a period for just over 2 years. I started Rapamycin at the beginning of March. Pretty much exactly 1 month later, 2 days after going from 2 mg to 4 mg biweekly, my hot flashes completely stopped. I was having several a day before this. By the end of the month I started spotting and progressed to having a period a few days later. I’m not sure what this means. Has my menopause been reversed, so I will start all over again at some point? My hormonal chin acne has also cleared, which I have been struggling with for years.


Wow, that’s pretty amazing. Thanks so much for posting your experience.

But its a good sign for everyone considering rapamycin for aging, I think. Ovaries are the fastest aging organ in the human body (and women know very quickly when they are not working as well as they used to be). Ovaries are like the “canary in the coal mine” with clear physiological indications when they are aging. So improving ovary function is a good indication that therapies are slowing or reversing aging. The fact that rapamycin seems to be working in women in this case is a good sign for all of us.

But your experience echos what we’ve heard from others here like by @HigoMe33 's wife: My DOG, My PARTNER, and ME: A Week by Week Rapalogue - #9 by HigoMe33

and by Tami Kaeberlein and others in this thread: Women Taking Rapamycin for Enhanced Fertility / Menopause Prevention?

So yes - it seems likely that rapamycin delays menopause, which is really important because menopause is something that accelerates aging, as discussed in this thread: The Biggest Breakthrough in Longevity May Start With Menopause

and this thread: Delaying menopause, extending healthspan: The promise of AMH-based therapeutics (Daisy Robinton, Oviva Therapeutics)

and see Daisy Robinton’s presentation on Oviva Therapeutics at the Longevity Summit here: Highlights from the 2023 Longevity Summit

As far as your question about “Has my menopause been reversed, so I will start all over again at some point?”, it seems that yes, menopause has been reversed, but nobody thinks rapamycin stops aging entirely, but it will be interesting how long rapamycin can delay or forestall menopause. This is all a new very new area. Nobody has studied this in humans before so you are one of the leaders in this area.

Please let us know how things progress. I’m sure many women are interested in how this goes.

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@Dwidrick it would be great if you could get some hormone testing, etc. as this doctor on our forums suggests, so you have some validation that its the rapamycin doing what we expect, and not some other random thing.

And I suspect you could get these types of test via an OBgyn, or going directly to a testing company like the options below:

See this post:

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