Rapamycin Prescription, Doctors that Prescribe It

I started with him late last year because I wanted to use a US doctor at least initially. Now that I’m confident 6mg a week of sirolimus doesn’t have any adverse side effects, I’m ordering from India too.

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Gmail - Dr. Garcia’s Personal Letter to Patients.pdf (204.0 KB)
Dr. Garcia is retiring.

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Yes - he currently doesn’t have a replacement prescription solution for his rapamycin people, I emailed him about this and he replied he’s working on it and will try to send out another update on that. But it seems some of his customers have found other options already.

In my case; India:)
I checked out the American Medical Wellness site, but there is no indication that rapamycin is on offer.

Hey everyone, I am located in Poland and from what I read getting rapamycin here is rather tricky and/or expensive.
According to thread, I can buy prescription for 26 Euro, but I have few questions regarding that:

  1. For what product name that prescription would be for someone living in Poland? I read in FAQ that there are few meds with rapamycin in it.
  2. What is the price of said product?
  3. How man mg/pills/doses it has?
  4. Wouldn’t importing it from india somehow be cheaper?

I probably wont know until I buy it heheh… At least knowing the product name and its price would let me gauge how economically viable rapamycin is for me.

In Europe, I have only come across Rapamune from Pfizer. There are no generic brands of sirolimus in my sight so far. If there is someone who knows about Generic Sirolimus in Europe then I would be grateful to learn about it.

The prices are a bit different in different countries in Europe but not much:

In Denmark, 100 tablets a 1 mg costs 3259 Danish kr. (Approx 438 Euro)
In Denmark, 100 tablets a 2 mg costs 6501 Danish kr. ( Approx 873 Euro)

In Sweden, 100 tablets a 1 mg costs 3992 Swedish kr. (approx 357 Euro)

In Romania, 30 tablets a 1 mg costs 520 Lei. (Approx 105 Euro)
I Poland, as far as I can see 30 tablets a 1 mg costs around 503 Zl (approx 107 Euro?)

Prices in Europe is rather fixed. So yes, imports from India are cheaper if they get through customs.

One legal way around the custom control is if you can get an EU prescription and send it to the pharmacy in India together with a copy of your personal ID card. And then have them send through DHL. Some countries might allow import for personal use, if the use is based on a correct prescription. I am nor recommending this way, just informing about a route I have learned about but not tried myself.


Gonna test EU doctor in Sweden and Norway and see if it works, said they would send me prescription in mail for Rapa and Acarbos.


Should work. See this thread New Option for Rapamycin Prescriptions in Europe / EU