New Option for Rapamycin Prescriptions in Europe / EU

I received an email from a doctor in Croatia who has a business providing medical prescriptions in the EU from a phone app. Here are the details below. If you use the service, please post your results and satisfaction with the service:

EU telemedicine app EUDoctor available on all app stores. I have prescribed Rapamycin to patients in the EU. The online in-app appointment price with prescription included is 25 Euro. The prescription is valid anywhere in EU.

people can email me if they have some questions, if they want to make sure that they can get the prescription, but then the online consultation and writing the prescription would be done with the EUDoctor app (it is easier to make the payment, get a appointment when is convenient to them, receive a digitally signed prescription that is valid everywhere in EU).

Viktor Simunović GP

Mailing Address: Goranska 7, 51219 Čavle, Hrvatska, Croatia


Heard from one user who used this service:

Yes it works, i received my prescription this evening

Can he script Sirolimus blood tests for those who might be able to get access? If a doctor is going to script you Sirolimus, makes sense to script you a blood test for the med??

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Not to be cynical, but are you certain the user isn’t a sock puppet?

Its good ti be skeptical. When i first ordered rapamycin from vendors India i did 4 or 5 small $100 orders just to see what they delivered and how quickly. Surprisingly all delivered. With any new and unproven vendors its easy to do a small order as a test to see how well they meet your needs and expectations.

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Absolutely. My intelligence on EUDoctor is:

  1. I can’t do a test because the app is weirdly limited to phones I don’t have (and I have tons of phones!).

  2. The report of success with it could be entirely fake.

But if prescriptions can be written in one EU country for use in another, there must be lots of other similar services, I would think!

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I had phone call with one person who has used and according to him everything work great. So I will try him out also. Need to just setup my N=1 test before.

This works, used it.

So when having this prescription you could go to any pharmacy in Europe to buy ‘legal’ Sirolimus?

14 days ago ordered 100x1mg rapamycin from India. Today received a letter that everything is taken away by customs because its illegal to import medicines from outside the EU. So im really pissed off right now.

Yes, it is a prescription like for any other medication. Some pharmacies are unfamiliar with EU prescriptions, but it is legal.

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Another option for you:

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