Users of Rapamycin in Canada?

I have just joined the group , I’m 77 reasonable shape for the years but with age related issues , arthritis , frozen shoulder etc etc and want to be proactive as much as possible , everything I have read , heard about R to me it presents real potential .
On my one other post (guy 77… ) it was strongly suggested by others that number one : to use a Pfizer / FDA approved source of Rapamycin
unfortunately there are zero doctors that I can find in Canada that deal with the pretty unknown concept of health span , just treatment after the fact of the diseases that will eventually knock the wheels off all of our buses .
At this time I am trying to get a sense of who else in this country is involved ; what experiences , issues and reliable suppliers in India that other Canadians use , I want to be as guided through the maze by others experiences as much as possible before I make the move
I appreciate any and all comments .
thanks in advance !

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Hi and welcome to the site. Pfizer rapamune is likely the best version of sirolimus / rapamycin you can buy, but it is typically quite expensive and hard to get.

We have many Canadian members already here… I recommend you review these discussion threads:
Here: Does anyone have success importing Rapamycin to Canada?
Here: Success stories / ease of shipping rapamycin to countries in EU or Canada?

Also, just to become familiar with all the different brands / manufacturers of rapamycin: Rapamycin, Rapamune, Sirolimus and Other Naming Conventions

The least expensive way to get Rapamune seems to be this source: No Prescription Needed for Rapamycin Purchase in Turkey - #12 by RapAdmin

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