Rapamycin Prescription, Doctors that Prescribe It

Have you had the same physician each time, and can you share name(s)?

My understanding is that Push is just a front-end billing/communication platform that connects you to any one of a large number of independent physicians/NPs that they contract with. Unless a patient signs up using a direct link to a specific provider, they’re just going to get randomly assigned to someone who may or may not be rapa friendly.

Are there practitioners who prescribe Rapamycin for longevity reasons in India. More than prescription per se, I want someone in India who has adequate knowledge of Rapamycin usage and guide me. Look forward to your revert. Thanks!

Hi Sanjeev,

Welcome to our site. I’m sorry to say that I’ve not yet heard of any doctors that prescribe rapamycin for longevity reasons in India. I wish I could help you more.

Perhaps other people here have heard of someone like this. If you hear of anyone, please post a note here to let us know and let others in India know, and we’ll add them to our list.

Since rapamycin (sirolimus) is easy to get in India, you might try contacting a medical group in the USA (e.g. gethealthspan.com or other medical doctor listed at the top of this thread) and talk to them to see if they would support you from a medical consultation standpoint, in using rapamycin. They might guide you through the blood tests to get, etc. and help you monitor your progress.