Questions re Spain and also crypto payments

Hello everyone, new here, been reading Outlive!

Does anyone have specific experience of importing Rapamycin to Spain?

Also the companies that take Bitcoin, are there any we are aware of that accept other cryptocurrencies?

Many thanks!

Hi - many people here are in the EU and getting rapamycin. I’m not aware of any that are accepting crypto-currencies, but perhaps someone else has heard. We have a list of online pharmacies that people have had success with, but I have no idea how they might work for shipments to Spain. You might try contacting them and ask them about shipping to spain: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

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Welcome Ian. Oddway accepted Bitcoin in the past, you could email them and ask if they still take Bitcoin or other crypto and can ship to your country. Their details should be in the thread of reliable online pharmacies RapAdmin posted.


Forget ordering from India if you’re in EU imo. There’s very few successful cases.
There isn’t long threads with successes like there is for USA.