Has anyone from Europe (ideally Poland) Gotten Rapamycin From Abroad (India, etc)?

Is it safe to buy Rapamycin from India? (I have prescription for Rapamycin)
There won’t be any problems with shipping through European Union?
In Poland 1 mg cost about 4$ but from India I can find Rapamycin for 1$

The problem with shipping to the EU is that they don’t seem to let packages through. To the US they can even open packages yet still let it through.

It would be best to get prescription from EUdoctor, $4 for 1 or a source like BG pharma currently.
If you don’t take any other prescription meds that can interact with grapefruit juice, you can take a lower dosage with GFJ and get the same dose, it increases dose by 2-3 x.

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Would shipping from Turkey or Bułgaria be better than shipping from India? They can take packages even if I have a valid prescription?

I don’t know the laws in Poland, but you will have to check if you are allowed to import meds with a prescription.

Bulgaria is much better, as it is an European country so the package won’t go through customs typically.


I am in sweden and I have bought from Bulgaria. And there was no problem with customs.

I have had two shippments from India that have been stopped and sent back to India.

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EU does not allow individual persons to import medicines even if possessing prescription. Your safest bet is trying to source it in a EU country or buying while traveling and bringing back a 3 month supply. I remember a while ago while traveling from India my bags were searched for medicines and everything I travelled with I had to provide prescription… I wouldn’t bother with importing outside EU… too risky to get it shipped back and loose money. Also some EU countries don’t allow pharmacies to send prescription drugs within EU.
Rapamune is best bought in a country with reasonable price. I think best price around EU is around 100 EUR per 30 pills (Spain, Croatia, Sweden…). But that is probably very close to what Polish price is. If I would need to budget I would take 5mg with GJ end EVOO every two weeks. This is around 30 eur per month, which I think is really reasonable.

What is the price in Bulgaria? My husband checked medical register and said it is 219 bulgarian lev which comes to 112 EUR… Or did you get it cheaper?

BG Pharma gets their product from Turkey I believe. Here is their info: https://www.bgpharmadrugs.com/product/rapamune-sirolimus-1-mg-10-pfizer/


and this is legit? anyone can confirm it? it works?

Yes - the guy who runs it drops by here occasionally and numerous people on this forum have ordered and received product from him. See this search on “BGpharma”: Search results for 'bgpharma' - Rapamycin Longevity News

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Looking at prices “BGpharma” it is not that cheap. Rapamycin is 450 EUR / 100 pills… at my local pharmacy it is 395 EUR. It is great if you don’t have prescription though. And looking at forum posts the price increased since January for more or less 100 EUR / 100 pills…

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Check with him on pricing - it sounds like he’s lowering them: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies - #493 by BGpharmaceuticals

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BGPharma works, but a better option is EUdoctor, quicker AND legal.

EUdoctor gave me two EU prescriptions, one for Acarbose 90 x 50mg and one for 100x1mg tabs of rapamycin.

The rapamycin tabs are just expensive from the pharmacy, but it is what it is.


is there any address in Bulgaria where you can get Rapamycin from?

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I don’t know, but BG Pharma sells it from Bulgarian and other pharmacies. I think the Bulgarian rapamycin is more expensive than Turkish.

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Hi Melih, when you were getting these prescriptions, did you have to state what you wanted the prescriptions for? And did you have to somehow ‘prove’ that you needed them? Thanks!

I only said that I wanted to use Rapamycin for longevity reasons, nothing about acarbose. The doc didn’t come to the meeting, perhaps because of my age he didn’t take it as serious, I have no clue.

There is a chat function, so I asked where he was and he just asked, “Want sicknote or prescription?”

Told him that I wanted rapamycin and acarbose, he sent them within 20 minutes to the email adress I registered with.


Hi, I also live in Sweden. How did you buy from Bulgaria? Is there a site?
Med vänlig hälsning,

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Other than that, prescription from EUDoctor, unfortunately it is probably impossible to get it in EU in other ways.

You can get it from this longevity center too… but its part of an expensive all-encompasing protocol I think:

Longevity Center
Belwederska 9
00-761 Warsaw
Website: The Longevity Center EU
Video: Interview with Joanna Bensz, founder of Longevity Center

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