New to the Forum - First time purchasing Rapamycin

Hi All. New to the forum. I’m looking to purchase rapamycin via IndiaMART. Can anyone recommend a seller and specific product they’ve had success with? One seller is saying I can pay with PayPal. Is that legit?

Hi welcome!
Here is a link to start you out

I would read the discussion at the bottom as you will see what others have said about some of the sources

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Also. Will 500 1mg pills last me a while? My doc mentioned a once a week dosing schedule. I need to do more research to decide dosing though. Thanks in advance!

Thanks friend! I appreciate the link!

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No problem, in the top right hand corner of the site, next to the news section, there is a magnifying class to search topics. Just type in some keywords and you will find many forum discussions about different topics to help you out

for example:
You type in paypal and get this

So much great info on here. Thank you.

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Going to go with GP Pharma in India. Will 600 1mg tablets last me a year?

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600 tablets may have problem in customs, I usually buy 72 tablets once from IndiaMart

There is a detailed article about buying rapamycin from India, worth to check it out

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I bought 300 tablets from IndiaMart with no problem


Has anyone used these before?

Well I went with GP Pharma per the recommendation thread. I’ll let you guys know how long it takes to get here. I’m in the USA, East Coast

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Be sure to read the FAQ (Frequently asked questions and answers) before you get too invested in rapamycin.

I’m using them now.
See for my purchase and test results (these tablets seem effective):

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Thank you. Excited to start. Hopefully I didn’t get scammed!

Be careful on the number of tablets you order at once. People seem to have higher chance of getting their orders confiscated by US customs, when they order a higher number - e.g. 400, 500 or 600 tablets. Be sure to study this post on “Importing rapamycin”.

Wish I’d known that earlier. I have 500 coming.

We really encourage people to read, listen, and review the entire Rapamycin FAQ before they start ordering product - there are many details that are helpful as people start to think about taking rapamycin, that we cover in the FAQ (listed at the very top of the home page of the website):

Rapamycin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long does it take to get them? What’s their price? Shipping fees?

How long did it take? Are you satisfied?

Hi, and welcome to the forum. It typically takes 2 to 3 weeks for medications to come by SpeedpostEMS (which is the service you want to use if you’re getting medications delivered from India etc. to your house. And they provide good status / tracking updates as the order moves through the system.