Intramuscular (IM) + Intranasal (IN) Rapamycin - A new paradigm for human longevity translation

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Moving goal posts for anemia, and iron deficient anemia clinical definitions. In general looking at the totality of my intervention, low iron, low ferritin, low saturation, low hemoglobin, low MCV, high RDW. These are all at/near anemic levels.

My Aug 3, labs, I was clinically iron deficient anemia.

Unless you have been donating blood regularly and/or have very low iron markers, in ill health, and plan to take high dose rapamycin, I wouldn’t worry too much about iron. But of course, you have to monitor everything on rapamycin. If I had continued donating blood on my normal historical 8 week cycle during this high dose intervention, my iron would have tanked much lower (I was near clinical anemia BEFORE starting the intervention), and would have been very interesting to observe if I remained asymptomatic. Just supports my thesis…modern meat eating humans have WAY more iron stored in tissue than blood markers elucidate (excess iron is pro aging). The reference values are far too high. 99% of the population has FAR higher iron stores than me, yet I’m asymptomatic. But I have been adapting to dumping iron for over 5 years and a high endurance exerciser re O2 efficiency…so I am likely not a normal iron physiological reference.

Ferritin is a relatively poor marker. I’d focus on iron plasma, hemoglobin, saturation and your CBC. Don’t forget to test sirolimus trough at every panel.



@MAC You are awesome. :slight_smile: Thanks for all of this.

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What are your thoughts about the potential for mTOR2 inhibition?

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Amazing overview… because of you MAC I am doing a lot more testing and liking the information it provides… flying a little less blind. DEXA, Coronary Calcium Scan, Labcorp sirolimus trough and post dose levels with GFJ… and without , ApoB… etc.

I highly recommend everyone take your lead and do the testing - look under the hood.

Thanks buddy!!


Somatropin is just one of the cheaper variants of HGH. However, HGH itself isn’t anything new. It’s been used in various therapies for decades, particularly for teens that have low growth hormone (the most famous example being Lionel Messi).

It has a lot of pretty nasty side effects, though, most notably its diabetogenic effect. It’s also something that seems to accelerate aging when tested in various animal models. This doesn’t matter as much to bodybuilders, but to people who want longer lifespan in addition to healthspan, it’s not ideal.


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