Continuous Ketone Monitor (SiBio)

This looks interesting…


Lots of good research on how β-Hydroxybutyrate can be helpful in mitigating aging:

Here: β-Hydroxybutyrate suppresses colorectal cancer

Here: β-Hydroxybutyrate Alleviates Cartilage Senescence / Osteoarthritis

Here: Your experiences using Supplemental BHB esters to reduce blood glucose, appetite, triglycerides, free fatty acids, Slow Aging, etc? - #2 by AlexKChen



It looks like $5/day. Might be nice to try for awhile just to see what works. Thanks


Amazing. Have been waiting for Abbots promised version, and this is already out?

Could also get me over the line to try Cana / SGLTi given that it seems like a good way decrease risks/monitor in that context:

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I’m keto and tried both dapa and empag for a few weeks each. Never noticed extra low blood sugar. I thought it was lowering it maybe 10 points overnight. Not really consistent. I don’t think they are the best at reducing fasting blood sugar for somebody that’s in pretty good control already. I’ve switched to metformin. My hba1c was 5.2 this time around and I’m pretty happy with that but lower would be better.


For me SGLT2 (and 1) inhibition would be about so much more than the glucose control aspects.

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Euglycemic ketoacidosis is very rare, even in type 1 diabetics. I have type 1 under good control and I’m on a keto diet with biweekly rapamycin. Even when I do fasts, my ketones are never above 3.5mM (usually 2.5mM), still in a healthy range and a far cry from ketoacidosis range.


Thx. At the same time, very rare is something one has to take into account if one is very healthy and thinking about taking a medicine for conjectured effects.

And if monitoring can make the very rare even more rare I think I’d take it.

Did anyone get one of these?

No, I’ve been busy with flooding and trying to get field work done. Another 2 inches this morning. But this article explains some of what I see as a low carb and sometimes keto person taking Rapa:

Go down to the section titled " Physiological Insulin resistance and low Carb Diets". He explains the difference between physiological insulin resistance and pathological insulin resistance. Apparently the high glucose that comes from burning fat doesn’t cause Hba1c to go up? Makes some sense to me since my hba1c is not so bad in spite of having fasting glucose of 100 for a few days after Rapa. I would think anything that causes sugar in the blood to go up would cause it to bind to proteins so this does not really make sense to me.

I should re read.

Lately I’ve been taking exogenous ketones more. I get work done and it suppresses appetite. I gained a few pounds, but now managed to burn them off. Too much time in the tractor sitting all day.


Anyone tried the SiBio yet?

Anyone know if Abbotts CKM is coming out soon / any target date?