Bryan Johnson's Longevity Protocol - Your Thoughts?

So… are there any brave males here that want to try to compete (and publish results) against Bryan on his new organ regeneration quest?


He knows how to stay in the news. I don’t read his stuff anymore to save my sanity.


Hey RapAdmin - I am in… why not.

At 65 years old … would be good for 3-hours easy.

Hmmm… probably too much information. Lol

And, what does this have to do with rapamycin?

Actually rapamycin benefits male gonads and maintaining long frequent erections.
Rapamycin Delay of Organ Aging - article.

Age-related testicular atrophy
There are very few studies on rapamycin in male reproductive system aging. Only one study noted that rapamycin protected against age-caused testicular atrophy by increasing spermatid, spermatocyte, differentiating spermatogonia, and primary spermatogonia numbers ( Wilkinson et al., 2012 ). Overall, these studies suggest that rapamycin has the potential for protecting healthy aging of the reproductive system.

Also, see topic on site - May 2022.
‘Rapamycin Improves Erections’.
NADPH Oxidase activity.

Per Mat Kaeberlien:

Matt Kaeberlein


@acentasian@Blagosklonny@LammingLab I predict you might actually see an elevation of testosterone in healthy older men after a cycle of rapamycin. I’ve been told that one of the strongest reported “side effects” of the mTOR inhibitors from the resTORbio RCTs was an increase in morning erections :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

2:26 AM - 27 Aug 202162

But, since we are on the topic… what is considered a big penis?

Men’s Health has an answer:

Smuggly… definitely the 2% range… wonder what Bryan’s packing?!? Hahaha :laughing:


He’s using some kind of device in his sleep.
Nowhere mentioned on his Blueprint website.

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Hmmm… this device?? Probably like a mini blood pressure cuff to measure the activity of his ups and downs all night.

Bryan’s killing me.

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I think it must be this… the first “Male” fitness tracker… what about a female equivalent? Seems sexist to not have one… :wink:


Ahhh… they make these?

Skip the 149 pounds. Wake up reach down… get a physical assessment. Roll over and sleep. Lol


So I am sure most of you have seen that Bryan has released his own EVOO.
$75 for 2 25oz. bottles. Here are his stated specs:
May 2023 harvest, Chile
523.4 mg/kg total biophenols (HPLC)
72.26% oleic acid
4.57 meq/kg peroxide
0.18% of oleic acid as free fatty acids (FFA)
92.1% diacylglycerols
Sensory analysis defects 0/10
UV resistant glass bottle
Independently tested

I was curious how this compares to other olive oil. There is a shop the next town over from me that imports high-end olive oils. This was their best variety.

And here is what they charge (so it is in the same ballpark as blueprint):
200ml $15 2 for $27

375ml $20

750ml $35

Buy 6 of the same size and get the 7th one free.

Not sure if someone here is an olive oil expert. I assume these would have similar health benefits.


Research, verify and verify if you do not want your money taken.

I post the link below on another thread on this forum;


And ConsumerLab ratings and rankings and pricings of EVOO here, Check for polyphenol and Oleic acid and oleocanthal levels - those that are high in those compound are what you are looking for:

Summary of some of CL’s evaluation of Olive Oil ( EVOO Consumerlab ):


Polyphenol content of California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The polyphenol content varies so widely and from harvest to harvest it is difficult to know what you are getting. Fortunately, all pure unadulterated EVOO is still pretty good for you

“Bitterness is associated with the phenol oleuropein. In general, the more robust and the fresher the olive oil, the higher the polyphenol content”

I use Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Costco). Costco is known for pretty good quality control.

These are all good, but expensive: Except the California Olive Ranch which is low priced.


Big news for Rapamycin users: David Sinclair now is taking it “on and off” where previously he said NO.

BTW he doesn’t look that great, now he is a vegan.


Good to hear. He’s been following rapamycin news on Twitter for the past year and has discussed trying it in the past, but this is good news. David Sinclair is now using Rapamycin?

I think he overhypes things, but David is unquestionably the highest profile longevity scientist out there, and to have his support in rapamycin use is really going to make it more popular!

See here (queued up to the short rapamycin discussion):

and the point where David Sinclair says he’s taking rapamycin (“on and off”)

@Krister_Kauppi , time to add him to the list!


We may have a new poster boy for Rapamycin!

Or maybe a poster boys club?


@Jonas Really great finding! Big thumbs up!

@RapAdmin Big thanks for tagging me on this :pray:


Lol. It’s the butter and milk that’s making him youthful. He’s probably been avoiding sun/using sun screen.

I agree with Sinclair that hummus is great since it’s considered healthy. Baba ghanoush I gotta try some more, don’t recall how that’s like for sure.


Probably his personality, he likes such things it seems. Most of his recents reposts on X has been about the then potential room temperature superconductor LK-99 :rofl:


Its good to have more people adding to the multiple n=1 biohacking trial of rapamycin, but david sinclair should engage with the scientific debate.

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Oh thank for sharing, good data. I am a big Trader’s shopper and been using their premium oil for a while. Good to know it is legit.