Women Taking Rapamycin for Enhanced Fertility / Menopause Prevention?

Estrogene dominance bc of low progesterone is not anti aging… So we should be careful.

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I got a few labs from my family doctor-LH, FSH and estradiol and will have to order the rest on my own. I’ve been post menopausal since @2015-2016 and unfortunately I don’t have prior labs because my old doctor left his practice and I was never able to track down my medical records. I currently get copies of everything so that doesn’t happen again! All I know from memory is that my estradiol was in the 50 range in 2015 and it’s currently 11.5 pg/ml. I’ve been using bio identical topical Estradiol in patch or gel form since 2016. My LH is 33.1 and FSH 120 which are all post menopausal numbers. I have no idea if I should be doing anything different to try to change these numbers tbh. So far I have been planning to stay on estrogen because it’s been helpful. These numbers will have to serve as my baseline to see if there are any changes from taking rapamycin moving forward. These labs were taken after a month of dosing at 1mg, 2mg, 2mg and 3mg. Another thing I take that could possibly have an impact is melatonin and I plan on staying on that as well due to sleep/circadian rhythm issues. I should also mention I only have one ovary and the rest was removed in 2006.

Perhaps someone in this thread has had this experience, and can comment: Tender breast similar to premenstrual

@AmyK do you know Stacy Sims? I’ve now bought her book about women body hacking, optimization, hormones, fasting…

Does anyone here know her book? What do you think?

There is a breed of egyptian mice, which cycle. So maybe I should get some as pets and try rapamycin as I think would make sense for a cycling woman.

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