Urolithin A - Virtual Clinical Trial by Timeline Nutrition

I tried Urolithin A from Timeline nutrition last year. I don’t think its worth the high cost at this point, though I hope I have the right microbiome and can produce my own via the pomegranates / ellagitannins I eat (my new invention today was a simple Vitamix smoothie: carefully slice off just the hard outer peel of the pomegranate, then throw the entire pomegranate into the Vitamix blender with frozen berries, yogurt, inulin, Moringa powder, and a little allulose sweetener. Turned out very good.

Just got this in the email from Timeline Nutrition - so I’ve signed up - perhaps you are interested also (my goal is to check my microbiome to see if I can produce Urolithin A via pomegranate):

Are you a natural producer of Urolithin A? Test to find out.
People have used the proverbial saying that “you are what you eat”, but is that always the case? The research shows that nutrients available in or derived from some foods never actually make it into the systems of most people who eat them. That’s because they don’t have the right bacteria in their guts to digest and process them. Urolithin A is a great example of a potent postbiotic that escapes many. Our latest study showed that few people are able to convert natural dietary sources such as pomegranates into meaningful levels of the active postbiotic Urolithin A.
That’s why we invested over 14 years of research to solve this complexity by offering people a precise clinically tested dose of the active compound with Mitopure. Now, we’re taking the science one step further with the launch of the first-ever blood test that can tell you whether you can naturally produce Urolithin A and then shows you how one dose of Mitopure compares. As a science-first company, we always start with the research, which is why we have structured this as an IRB-approved virtual clinical trial that comes with a home test kit (clinicaltrials.gov study number NCT04985630). Participate in the Mitopure Challenge clinical study to compare your levels of Urolithin A from diet versus from Mitopure supplementation (available to US residents only). Join the challenge to measure your levels today.

Clinical Trial Data:

Urolithin A News:

Urolithin A research:

Urolithin A, a Gut Microbiome Derived Metabolite Improves Mitochondrial and Cellular Health: Results from a Randomized, Placebo-controlled, Double-blind Clinical Trial

Impact of the Natural Compound Urolithin A on Health, Disease, and Aging


I love that this forum captures other interesting compounds like this! I’m trying to decide on whether Mitopure is worth the very high cost.

It seems this works primarily through mitophagy, which makes me wonder how analogous it is to rapamycin. I don’t know of any studies using it in pulsed doses, but on a mechanistic level it seems logical to use it on the same day as rapamycin, perhaps in a slightly higher dose (most studies were 1000mg per day), and save the expense of daily use. Thoughts on this approach?

What about something like this?

I’ve read that something like 40% of so of people have the microbiome that can create Urolithin-A from pomegranates (and derivatives like the powder, etc.). The issue is you don’t know if you are in the 40% or not… I don’t think there is an easily available test for it.

I’m not sure if the Mitopure is worth it… I tried it, but decided to hold off on the large purchase because its so expensive (much more than I pay for rapamycin - so its hard to justify based on an reasonable cost/benefit ratio that is comparable to what I get with rapamycin or acarbose, etc.

I do buy the pomegranate powder and add it to my smoothies… and hope to find out whether my body makes the Urolithin A from pomegranates when I get my test results back from Mitopure (they did a clinical trial that I participated in to find out - as was mentioned in the first post in this thread).

I used this - but there are many different pomegranate powders out there:


Good podcast on Urolithin A - discussion with scientist at the Buck Institute: (and transcript of discussion if you don’t want to listen to it).