More good news on Urolithin-A

Long-term urolithin A had a beneficial effect on the secondary end points of muscle endurance and biomarkers of mitochondrial health.

Full Paper:

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Reminds me of a similar article about stearic acid. However this is about mitochondria fusion rather than mitophagy. I wonder how those two processes are connected.

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And zone-2 training is supposed to increase mitochondria density, size and functionality. I wonder what the best protocol that combines exercise and diet is for mitochondrial function!

On a similar note, metformin is also supposed to be a “weak mitochondrial poison”. Does it benefit the mitochondria in any way due to hormesis? Or is its benefit essentially via keeping blood glucose levels low?

Sorry, I’ve taken this post on many tangents now.

But it’s great to hear about urolithin-A. I’ll keep my eye out for more on this supplement!

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Another new study on Urolithin A

Full Paper Here:


And another recent paper on Urolithin A:

Urolithin A attenuates auditory cell senescence by activating mitophagy


I hope Urolithin A gets formally tested by the ITP. Promising compound…