Rejuvenation Olympics

I’m curious if anyone else here submitted data and entered.

Also curious about logistics. It says “If you already have tested with TruDiagnostic, you can simply input your Kit ID”. But I don’t see where to input ID. I tried putting it in the “health interventions” box, so we’ll see, and also uploaded my summary report, but of those were several days ago and no email confirmation or anything yet.

If anyone is entered, how does the process work and how long does it take?

On another note, the choice of ranking by “% Improved from Baseline” is curious, since Johnson started at a relatively bad 1.03 so the improvement is much easier. I’ve only tested once, and my DunedinPACE “baseline” was lower than Johnson’s current Mean of .793, so I guess I won’t be showing up on that Leaderboard. But that was before I started Rapamycin over a year ago, so we’ll see! Got another test on the way.

It’s also unclear to me how/if they use TruDiagnostic’s Intrinsic and Extrinsic age reports. Do they use one or the other of some combo?

I don’t put much stock in these reports, but still kinda fun…


I like the general idea of this, but not so sure of the implementation (as you mentioned - the worse health you are in when starting, the easier it is to improve your numbers).

Some commentary from the experts:


yeah, like I said, still kinda fun.

Looks like @OliverZolmanMD deleted his twitter account, so I can no longer see the valid points @KarlPfleger was replying to…


Sorry. But I can’t shake off the feeling that this is an effort to drive traffic to TruDiagnostic.


At $499 to test… shouldn’t they be running a special price for this competition? Meh!

A special $200 one time savings… I would be in.


My view…

More like they should pay for the pre and post testing.

They will use the data collected for their own benefits.


I did the $499 test, and just ordered another, but I think the cheaper $200 test they offer works also? Saw it on twitter I think, let me check.

If anyone is interested, there are several 10% off codes floating around, I used WELCOME10 iirc. I saw at least one other on a website in the last day or two.




I guess only using DunedinPACE answers one of my questions, although I don’t see how that fits with the second leaderboard on the bottom of the Leaderboard tab on their website…



January 5 at 10:30 AM ·

Do you (DO) what it takes to be on top?

We invite you to participate in the Rejuvenation Olympics - the first ever #epigenetic leaderboard!

Conceived by Bryan Johnson and Oliver Zolman MD , it aims to provide a public forum to share protocols and validated results for age rejuvenation.

If you are interested in seeing how you rank, sign up at Register - Rejuvenation Olympics

#RejuvenationOlympics #TruDiagnostic #EpigeneticLeaderboard

#HowWellAreYouAging #AntiAgingProtocols #longevity #biohackers


Well… I decided to go with their biological testing. The full TruAge package…$499.

Used the code: SCOOPYREVIEWS12 and got $60 off. Good enough!

Lets see where I land biologically with their test. Feeling amazing.


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I have also decided to try this one out. It claims to do a telomere reading as well which I have not got so far. I am not a fan of epigenetic age testing although I have tried a few services. I don’t like the fact that they ask my chronological age.

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My kit is on its way.

Very curious how reduced rapamycin from 38 mg weekly to 12 mg and addition of Acarbose past 3 months will effect my results.

Feeling the best ever right now.

I will redo GlycanAge test in 4 months.

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Well this probably will extend the contest.

Waiting on my kit… email said it was shipped.

Definitely think my high rapamycin dosing since April 2022 was a problem… I am hoping to see if I was right… and can share my N=1 results.

As Dr. Peter Attia says… I don’t have a clue on rapamycin dosing…“I am flying blind in the dark.”


We are all PFA* the rapamycin dose.

*Plucked from Air


“Air” is a nice Euphemism for what I’d call it!

I just did my first Marek Sirolimus level blood test Friday, and I intend to do many many more in future weeks to establish my own personal half life and absorption and metabolism profile, including controlling for variables like concurrent grapefruit juice, and/or curcumin, so hopefully I’ll be flying slightly less blind.

I’ve never tried the grapefruit juice, and I take curcumin (Theracumin) daily, and genetic testing shows I (likely) have a faster CYP metabolism pathway to begin with, so I’m a bit concerned I’ve been effectively way underdosing Rapamycin for the past year.

Time will tell.

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Exactly Edward – in another post an avid user is estimating his 6 mg with GFJ is about 20. For me that would be 36 ( almost double).

We are all so different. Unless you test your t-max level… you will not know your dose level. I will be curious to see if you get the standard 3 to 3.5 multiplication effect or a lot more like me.

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Arrived today… taking blood samples tonight and sending it back. Let’s see how my reduction from high rapamycin 36 mg to 12 mg the past 2 months effects my biological age.

We are all human guinea pigs right now. Hoping to figure this dosing out… first 6mg then 36 mg… now 12 mg.