Dog Rejuvenation Olympics

I’m thinking there is the opportunity to create another type of “Rejuvenation Olympics” but this time for dog owners (specifically for their dogs).

People are going to be increasingly giving longevity therapeutics / drugs to their dogs and we’re going to be seeing results much sooner in dogs than people. Perhaps it would be best to have it be limited to purebreeds due to better documentation on birthdates, and historical life expectancy data. (so as to better gauge lifespan improvements via rapamycin, etc.).

So - I think we need a “Dog Rejuvenation Olympics”

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Ah… bad news, the recent 30 year old dog story is BS… from a dog aging expert, it seems:


My dog has been taking rapamycin since late 2018. She is now 16 years old. I have never noticed any rejuvenation, but I think she is aging slower due to Rapamycin. Her only olympic event is the uphill 40 yard dash. We have been playing the run home game since she was nine. She still wins evey time unless a squirrel appears…


what kind of dog do you have?

She is border collie or Scotch collie and Australian shepherd mix. Typical lifespan about 15 years.