Rapamycin Webinar and Dr. Green

Did anyone attend the webinar today with Dr. Green and Dr. B? Did I hear correctly that Dr. Green takes 12 mg of rapamycin for consecutive days then repeat every 12 days? Just making sure I heard this correctly?


12mg each day for 2 days, then 10 days off


Listening to it now. Yes 12 mg rapa 2days in a row break for 12 days… do it again.

Was confirmed in the chat too.

he did say for his patients he would only recommend 12 mg every 10 days, max

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Exactly. He said he is 79 years and this is his personal regiment. Indicating… greater age… greater rapa dosage.

For his average patients 10mg to 12 mg… no grape fruit once per 10 days.

Alan and Misha aren’t the greatest presenters tbh. Thank goodness Matt’s there to step in and concisely summarise 5 minutes of meandering in 20s.


Wow - thats a big jump from the last time I heard his dosing schedule.

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Is there a link available to watch a recording of this webinar?

I’m a patient of Dr Green and didn’t know about it. Is there a link?

Join the survey study and you will be emailed the link

I did join and completed the survey.

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They just had the meeting today, they usually send out the video recording the following week.

I didn’t make the Q&A but submitted a question. Did he address my question about rapamycin absorption/need for enteric coating?

It was a great program, but pretty loose and chatty – mostly opinions (but opinions of those with the best guess) - which is how we are running on use right now.

Somewhat in the area was that loose powder rapamycin has less bio-absorptive. More was discussed on dosage then the actual product. Has to do with age - I think the consensus was 10mg - 12 mg with no GFJ. Although Blagosklonny was more against GFJ that might interact with someone’s other meds - not the rapa. Assuming you have an older population on rapa taking a variety of other meds.

Dr. Green said that if it didn’t look like the Pfizer pill he would not trust it.


How many people using rapamycin for longevity are using Pfizer’s “RAPAMUNE”?

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What I found interesting was that he takes 12mg two days in a row–but then opposed GFJ on the basis of it extending the curve, which would be similar to taking it two days in a row.


How scientific is this comment…NOT! Surprising big pharma bias/ignorance from Dr Green? There are many world class Indian pharma companies making perfectly good generic meds, including Rapamycin.

Furthermore, there are plenty of people taking various vendor generic brands, with confirmed Rapamycin signal. Maybe he figures NOBODY is going through the effort of doing blood Sirolimus testing.

Is he coming from the “purity/contamination” view point? Sorry, I missed this talk, was there ANY context?

Which begs the question…is he doing ANY blood Sirolimus testing or is he just “winging it”?? He’s flopping all over the place with his dosing. Dosen’t seem like he has a therapeutic/longevity “recipe”?

I think Dr B was quoted regarding his big 20mg-biweekly dose rationale was to get Rapamycin to cross the BBB, but we have seen work on rapamycin-glioblastoma, where quite low Rapamycin dosing levels crossed the BBB. What is his data behind his comment?


I’m taking Rapamune with an official prescription (even though it’s quite expensive here in Canada).


YOU WROTE: I think Dr B was quoted regarding his big 20mg-biweekly dose rationale was to get Rapamycin to cross the BBB…

Dr. B - I think is now on 2mg a day now because of a personal health issue concern that he chose not to disclose (private so yeah), however, he still seemed to advocate a much higher dosage once or twice a week provided you don’t have side effects. Again, dosage was all over the place based on health, age, side effects… I understand.

I am curious… What us the price per mg in canada? Generic or rapamune?