Rapamycin Powder - how to prepare for oral use?

Hello everyone, I bought 1 gram of powdered rapa from China, because I live in Germany and here it is practically impossible to get this medicine without it being confiscated. My question is this, does anyone know how to prepare it and what the dosage is?and where do I store it…refrigerator or not necessary.

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Its hard due to the fact that rapamycin typically gets destroyed in the stomach acid, if it doesn’t have good protection.

I recommend you review these posts. And perhaps anyone who has been successful in this effort (as validated via blood sirolimus testing) can add their thoughts…

here: Rapamycin enteric coating vs powder bioavailability

here: How many are making their own solutions from powder?

here: New Peter Attia interview w/Matt Kaeberlein, inferior bioavailability of encapsulated rapa

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It is possible to get Pfiser Rapamune in Germany. We could establish a network of interested people and order together.


It would be perfect, but in Germany you need a prescription to buy the medicine.
I want to buy it in powder form, because it’s easier… but I don’t know how to do it.

Did you receive it though customs?

Have you considered the following options:

  1. Prescription: New Option for Rapamycin Prescriptions in Europe / EU

  2. Bulgaria-based vendor: https://bgpharmadrugs.com/product/rapamune-sirolimus-1-mg-100-pfizer/

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I ordered Rapamune at BG pharmaceuticals on the 25th of September. Shipping to Austria. It did not arrive yet. Hope it will…
Edit: it arrived after one month. See reliable seller thread

Did you get a tracking number?

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Hi, yes I got a tracking number on 10th of Oktober. However, it says that the package was not given over to the shipping company yet. I will also report how all turned out in the respective forum section.

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Here in Germany is the same …so hard without prescription…powder , maybe is more “easy”…the problem is to “make”.

I use everolimus instead of rapamune in Portugal because of that.
I can just go a pharmacy, pay a hefty bill and leave with it right away, no questions asked.
From what I know I would advise against home made rapamycin, you may be getting nothing

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