Vendor update Varun Medicals

Through IndaMart. $ 111.70 for 100 mg Rapacan including shipping. I chose them because I prefered using Wise for money transfer over bank to bank. Took awhile to sort out the payment, but once funds were delivered Sept 22 I had the Rapacan October 13.


I had been using Wise in the past for most of my India transactions, but for some reason, they started to have a problem with one of the Indian banks I was sending money to.
My last few transactions have been with Xe. They have a U.S. presence and are significantly cheaper and faster than Wise.
They also accept bank debit cards and credit cards for a small fee.


Hi Tom,
Can I ask what country you ordered this to? Did the shipping process go smoothly?

USA (Hawaii). Took a while to set up banking info, Varun would take a few days to reply, and I think took a few days to ship once funds were received, but all in all I was pleased. First time I bought Rapamyacin or anything for that matter, from India so I have no basis of comparison.


I used revolut last time (it’s similar to Venmo) to purchase from my Indian contact. Wise stopped working for me as well. I used to use XE to transfer money when I lived in Austria. Glad to hear it works as well

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