Rapamycin journey log

Hi all,

I haven’t introduced myself in a separate topic, so I will take the opportunity to let those interested know that I am currently investigating and planning on starting a journey into weekly rapa dosage.

I already posted in a separate thread that I ordered from India, 500 mg of Rapacan, at a very good price, even too good to be true, so I hope I did not got scammed. I will update that post with replies once I will have some more updates.

Some details about me and my history:
I am a male, born in 1985, 37 at the time of this writing, 69-70kg, 176cm. I weight train 3 times a week, walk around 10k steps almost every day, hike and backpack the mountains almost every weekend. I do consider myself healthy, but I do indulge in some bad behaviour once in a while, and I have a tendency to do so towards sweet side of things. I don’t drink alcohol, unless is a special occasion like new years or my birthday or something along those lines. Roughly a beer or two every quarter.

I have been taking blood measurements of a lot of markers, for the last 5 years, roughly every 6 months. I was on a keto journey for about 3 years, starting in 2017 and ended it in the beginning of 2020. This was a bad experiment from a lipid panel point of view (and a psychological one as it lead to some binging disorder - but this is a story for another time), as my LDL was constantly above 200 mg/dl, although trigs were low, under 80 mg/dl and also good improvement in HDL.

I had a CAC score of 0 in Dec 2017, and planning to retake the test later this year. Curious to see if 3 years of keto caused any damage or not from a perspective of calcium deposition inside the lumen. I have ApoE 3/3 alleles and my Lp(a) of around 6.5, measured for 7 times in the course of 2 years.

My hsCRP is low as well

Since giving up keto, I have been trying to lower my LDL and ApoB with diet and exercise and I was successful to some extend, but at the beginning of Sept, after my last blood draw, I started taking a low daily dose of 2.5 mg rosuvastatin combined with 5 mg ezetimibe.

Here are my LDL and ApoB results prior starting statin intervention mentioned above.

I do have some sdLDL measurements taken as well, but this measurement is rather expensive and I am not doing it for every draw.

I will retake the lipid profile after 3-4 months of statin and prior starting rapa journey.

I have calculated my DNAm age using the data from last blood daw on 31 Aug 2022, with the exception of Albumin, as I forgot to add it the list and I used the last Albumin I had from August 2021. Not sure how much it will affect the result. Also, my lab threshold for CRP is 0.3, anything lower than that is marked as <0.3, therefore I used 0.3 as CRP value as my true value is below the threshold.

I am super happy with this result, but again Albumin was not tested and I used a one year old value.

Glucose and insulin are looking okish… I would like to see my insulin lower than it was for the past year, but I guess I have been eating more carbs and sugar since trying to keep fat and sat fat low to reduce my LDL/ApoB

I recall reading somewhere that insulin is pulsatile and C-peptide might be a better use for calculating HOMA-IR, but sadly I could not find a good calculator for insulin resistance using C-peptide (except HOMA2 from Oxford, but I dont have a good understanding on how to interpret those results). In any case, C-peptide is more stable compared to insulin

Now back to rapa
If you are still here and not bored to death already, I thank you for that.

I will relay my plan here for taking rapa and I will update with every new change of plan or new result.

My target start date is beginning of 2023, somewhere in Jan, assuming that the pills will arrive until then and after I would have taken another blood draw with a very comprehensive panel. If you have any suggestions on something that I need to measure, please let me know and I will include it in my list, assuming it is not overly expensive.

I will start with 1mg/week taken with a fatty small meal like avocado or sardines with olive oil or something along these lines and increase by 1mg/week until I reach my 6mg or 7mg target dose. That would be between 0.085-0.1mg/kg/week.

PS: all charts results start on 14 Jan 2020 and end on 31 Aug 2022, with various measurements in between. I highlighted the first date and value of the analysis by moving my courser over the point to help understand when it was first taken. The green section of the chart is the lab reference value.


I therms of supplements, at the moment I don’t take much:

  • 1 per day Nordic Naturals Omega-3 1280mg
  • 1-2 per week Solgar Magnesium Citrate 400mg
  • 1 per week Solgar Male Multiple Tablets
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Thank you for such a detailed profile. It’s very informative.

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Really great post and thanks for sharing! Keep us updated who everything goes :pray:

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Thank you all for your kind replies and love for this log.

I forgot to add that I tested HBA1C as well, and it ties into my feeling that insulin is a bit high, since the result of HBA1C is within limits, but on the higher side

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