Rapamycin Changes How you Think About Aging

One of the areas I’ve most noticed in terms of benefits of rapamycin is that I no longer think of myself as aging… my body feels like how it was functioning 20 years ago (I’ve been on rapamycin for 2.5 years now). I am now doing all the same things that I was doing in my 30s - rock climbing, skiing, whitewater kayaking, running, mountain biking, etc. - and not feeling any worse than I did then. This is much better than I felt 5 years ago. My Levine Phenotypic / Biological Age calculations put me at 15 years younger than chronological age - and I “feel” like that is the case.

Obviously, this could all just be placebo effect, but I no longer think of aging as this gradual and slow decline in function. I feel like its just a plateau of how I was in my 30s - which (as a worst case) is fine. But my goal is actually increases in function; better VO2 Max, lower resting pulse, higher HRV, lower lipids, more endurance, greater strength, etc… all of which seems quite achievable now.

This recent tweet and article seems to partly capture this new perspective, what I’ll call “RAAS”, short for “rapamycin attitudinal adjustment syndrome”. :grin:

This may be the biggest benefit of rapamycin. A much more optimistic view on aging…


Not just rapamycin, which I don’t think/expect as a miracle drug, but the totality of interventions. Stack them all together, you’ve greatly reduced your all cause mortality risk. I feel the interventions have given me massive new runway than say 5 yrs ago where I thought I had maybe another “good 15-20 yrs” before the inevitable downhill.

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I’m 47 now in 2022, back in 2019 I looked at myself in the mirror and starting hating myself: graying, skinny arms and legs and something beginning to look like a pot belly. At that time I also stumbled upon a tweet by pd mangan with a pic of him 10 years earlier at 54 and now “aging in reverse” and the progresspics sub on reddit as well as a hair I pulled from my head obviously white at the tips and dark at the root, wow you can really age in reverse… So after a while I changed to the carnivore diet and this made such a big impact. I became sort of muscular, sort of a six pack but for me in the best shape of my life. So if diet could bring me this far I wondered how much could supplements and started looking for supplements to bring me even further …


@Arhu , also look at the SGLT2 inhibitors and Acarbose… I quickly lost about 10lbs with Canagliflozin (2 weeks or so). Metformin also helped me lose another 15lbs over a few months (I went off it due to the muscle issues, and questionable long term benefits for fit people).



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Thanks but I am already on a zerocarb diet so I don’t think those will benefit me much in fact I actually registered to ask if I should quit zerocarb because according to some papers it’s the refeeding after a prolonged fast (and thus by extension after rapamycin) that has the rejuvenating effect (i was thinking about Valter Longo’s papers on the fasting mimicking diets and subsequent refeedings)

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An excellent post and I couldn’t agree more.
I felt it after just 3 months.


So I guess the questions surrounding acarbose are
How is it best dosed
How to avoid the GI issues
How severe are the GI side effects

It’s not widely used in the US so not alot of familiarity.