Rapamycin and risk of cardiovascular disease

Rectal ozone for which condition?

Important details to be clarified about the effect of rectal ozone on the portal vein oxygenation

Professor Velio Bocci, author of about 480 publications and monographs, and three professional medical books on oxygen-ozone therapy…

Velio was a person friend for well over a decade.

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Rectal ozone for hemorrhoid as an alternative treatment to avoid surgery.

Hi, we have had both blood ozone and rectal, we do the rectal at home and o can only say how we both feel for our ages, 79 and 77, we play golf 4 times a week and we have a large house and I do all my own cleaning , ironing and cooking , I get 7 to 8 hours sleep
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Dee, thank you for answering. What equipment do you use for ozone therapy at home?

N=1, but the only thing that has stopped me having bleeding haemorrhoids is cutting out lectin rich vegetables. Specifically peppers, aubergines/eggplant, and courgettes/zucchini.
(Rapamycin didn’t help at all).

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Thank you for sharing. These are exactly what my mother eats in big quantities.

Hi again
Our equipment is Longevity from California, we follow Dr Frank Shallenbergers recommendations
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I find that my hemorrhoid bleeds with rectal ozone , it scared me at first obviously but now I know what it is, I’m not unhappy as the hemorrhoid, almost disappears , this happens about every 2 months once the hemorrhoid reappears . You can get information on Rectal ozone treatment on YouTube
Hope this helps

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I only take 2 mg of Rapa a week due to it elevates my blood sugar


Everolimus strongly inhibits atherosclerosis in a mouse model despite severe hypercholesterolemia.

Prevention of atherosclerosis by the mTOR inhibitor everolimus in LDLR-/- mice despite severe hypercholesterolemia - PubMed (nih.gov)


You should also consider other sources. I’m no expert, but melatonin and vitamin C have been cited as raising blood sugar.

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Do we try/use/substitute/ with everolimus for rapmycin/sirolomus?

From the above paper;

“Group B showed 44% reduction of atherosclerotic lesions at the brachiocephalic artery (BCA). In group C atherosclerotic lesions were reduced by 85% in the BCA and by 60% at the aortic root.”

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I doubt that it matters much, rapamycin vs everolimus.

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Statins strongly inhibit atherosclerosis in a humans despite severe hypercholesterolemia.

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You can take all the statins you like.

I have NO interest in any statin.


What do you use instead? I just started taking statins.

I use Niacin IR and garlic extract from life extension for lipid control. They both have positive side effects and low cost. Niacin is a hard one to get used to.

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  • Statin intolerance is very low
  • Statins have been unfairly demonised
  • Statins are great at lowering ApoB
    — ApoB is causal in ASCVD - even in the absence of other risk factors (contentious)
    —- Rapamycin can (frequently, dose dependent) raise ApoB

I don’t think everyone should take a stain - because not everyone has raised lipids. But I keep scratching my head when I hear such strong, emotional opposition to this class of medications.

In comparison to many other drugs, the side effect profile is low and appears to be a low % of the pop that get any side effects. The risk vs benefit ratio seems clearly positive (IMO) if you need to attenuate raised lipids - which these drugs do very powerfully.

FWIW - I used to be anti statins. I believed the hype on social media and the documentaries on YouTube. But the more I dig into the actual literature and mechanisms and real-world data the more I believe in the efficacy of these drugs (for the right people).

Again, not saying everyone should be taking statins - and there are other ways to go about this issue (PCSK9i, ezetimibe, amla, etc etc).

Objectively, statins are just another tool in the toolkit and I have learned to view them with no more emotion that any other medication.



There was a posting on this forum discussing this, other than statins.

In my view there is an excessive quantity, correct word a plethora of compounds to use/try before even looking at any statin.

Ask cardiologists, they will prescribe it for their patients, but they{the majority will not personally in use them that is a real hard fact.

If you would like, start a separate thread on this subject; Lowering Cholesterol with other than statins.

This thread is way too long

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Most of the cardiologists and vascular neurologists dealing with strokes, take statins.