Rapa for the pooch

Hi folks.

Anyone point me to the dosage per kg and frequency of Rapa for our furry family members?

I have a Yorkie and obv I’m a tad hesitant to just give him a 1mg pill every x days as he’s small.

I will be purchasing a pill grinder for my own regime of acarbose+canagliflozin and thought this would be a great tool to use to sprinkle rapa on my dogs food as well as help apportion the dosage.


How much does your dog weigh? We’ve been giving our 14 pound chihuahua 1mg/weekly. I initially cut the pills in half before I knew that was not recommended due to stomach acid interfe and it has made a difference for the better by keeping the pill whole. I dose him at the 0.15mg/kg dose per the various dog studies I’ve read.

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Tons of info here:

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Thx for response.

My fella is approx 4-5kg so would prefer to give him half a pill a week. Easiest way is prob grinding pill up. He will also be more likely to consume in powdered form as a garnish to his meal.

Unless the research is clearly indicating this is just a waste of a good pill, I prefer to avoid too large a dose and will accept some loss of efficacy for safety.

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Will give this a through read thx

You don’t want to grind up the pills… rapamycin without a protective coating of the pill would likely just get destroyed by the stomach acid and not do anything.


Understood. What’s the risk of giving him 1mg every 2 weeks then? I understand there’s always uncertainty but I have no intention of placing him in undue danger for my own selfish reasons. Obviously he can’t consent to the risk…

Any idea if this also holds true for acarbose and canagliflozin? I’d love to just add the stuff to a smoothie but I need to do my DD apparently.

Great community for outsourcing my laziness though :laughing:


I wonder if buying enteric coated capsules to put it in would work? Hopefully if someone knows they will chime in!

Its really hard to make your own filled enteric coated capsules.

See these discussions here: Rapamycin enteric coating vs powder bioavailability

Here: How many are making their own solutions from powder?

And related discussion here regarding dosing with cats, similar issue (low body weight, 1mg tablets): Rapamycin for my Cats?

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1 mg once weekly should be ok IMO. There were several preclinical studies in dogs with up to 0.25mg/kg and dog dosing in several studies was twice or three times weekly… dogs metabolize rapamycin faster than humans (half life is 40h comparing to human 63h). And per others I would not grind the pill. If you really want to be on safe side, pfizer rapamune is normally available in 0,5mg pills as well.


Where do you get the .5 mg pills? From Pfizer? For your dog.

Yes, Pfizer has 0,5 mg pills. But that is the only available brand of rapamycin in Europe. If you are from the States maybe someone has an idea if any generic rapamycin is available in 0,5 mg as well.

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Yes - there are 0.5mg tablets available as generic in the US. Not sure which pharmacies sell it, but it should be available somewhere… see link below.


I’ve heard that in the new rapamycin dog trial called TRIAD at the University of Washington , they are dosing dogs weekly, at approx. 0.15mg/kg of rapamycin.

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Yes - we cover it in depth here: How Do I Get Rapamycin for My Dog?

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I will prob start my 7yr old 5kg Yorkie on 1mg fortnightly. It seems like a good compromise given the amount of 1mg rapa I have in my possession already.


I worked it out fine for my 12lb dog once and it ended up being 1/3mg every other day or 3 times a week.

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