Poland: Anyone had success with getting rapamycin?

Specifically using prescriptions from other EU countries. I’m aware a Croatian prescription has worked in Norway and Sweden.

This is a great and reasonably priced resource : Antiaging Product Information & Research | Anti Aging Systems

Thats not in Poland though is it? Thats just a regular off-shore shipping pharmacy like all the rest we have listed here: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

Turns out Poland classifies rapamycin as Rpz (a restricted drug category that AFAIK must be prescribed by specialists, possibly due to side effect profile. It’s a category in between normal prescription drugs Rp and narcotics that are Rpw).

Hence it seems a non-polish prescription will not work in Polish pharmacies. Many other EU countries does however classify it as a normal prescription drug and prescriptions from other EU countries should work.

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